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bagofsnakes Mon 22-Sep-14 20:59:44

Hello Ladies,

Our second baby is due in early February and we're seriously considering a home birth. A quick look online shows that many areas in Britain have home birth support groups or meet-up groups but I can't seem to find anything similar for this area. Does anyone know of any groups? I'd really like to meet with people face-to-face to hear their experiences and ask questions, hence why I'm looking for a group, but if anyone on this forum has had a home birth with midwives from the Rosie and would like to tall me all about it, I'd love to hear it.

Many thanks!

SiliconJen Thu 25-Sep-14 21:29:50

I've had 2! Both great. Happy to answer questions - pm me.

chintonroad Tue 07-Oct-14 16:17:19

Same here - had dd1 at home, dd2 would have been too if she hadn't come early. Happy to share, pm me too smile

befals Sun 12-Oct-14 21:37:07

The last tell,me a,good birth story group focused on home births, shame you missed it.Could be worth messaging Katie who runs it as she tried to tailor the stories to meet the needs of expectant mums attending. There might be mums who had a home birth attending even if they aren't the focus of that meeting. There's a Facebook page, think it's tell me a good birth story East Cambs. There's also a positive birth group run by local souls which although is not home birth specific, is pro home birth. The lovely ladies who run it have me a lot of good advice before the birth of my second who was born at home last year. My first was attempted home birth but I got transfered. You just missed this months group which was on Friday. They meet at the womens resource centre in Cambridge. Again they have a Facebook page. There's also a home birth East Anglia facebook group, but think it's pretty quiet. The general home birth Facebook group is also

befals Sun 12-Oct-14 21:38:21

...pretty useful. Sorry about the state of my post, posting on my phone and it's a pain in the arse! Hope you can me sense of it :-)

bagofsnakes Wed 22-Oct-14 13:45:33

Sorry, I've not be back since SiliconJen's replay. I PM'd her and got some great info. Thank you chintonroad and befals for your replies and also for the great suggestions for groups to contact. I've looked up the Tell Me a Good Birth Story page and they look like a great organisation. I'll certainly try to get along to a meeting.
After a bit more reading and hearing from some people who have had home births (positive and negative) I think that, all being well, it's certainly what we'll aim for.
Thanks again!

rosemarie04 Wed 22-Oct-14 15:25:21

Thanks a lot. I will try to attend the meeting of Tell me a good birth story this Saturday. Do you know if partners are welcome? How much does it cost?
Thanks a lot!

befals Fri 24-Oct-14 23:07:26

I don't know about partners but it's a �1 donation to cover costs of venue. More info here https://m.facebook.com/?_rdr#!/TellMeAGoodBirthStoryEastCambs/about

In case you hadn't seen tomorrow will be focusing on home births.

LocalEditorCambridge Thu 13-Nov-14 11:03:28

Here's the only listing we have regarding independent midwives who might be able to help

Good luck - do let us know what you decide to do [broody emoticon]

local midwife

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