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Lizzie36 Sat 03-Aug-13 13:11:22

We are looking for a full time nanny for our son and a friends daughter, both around 2 years old. Really keen to find recommendations as having no luck whatsoever with sites like Just after someone young, bright and intuitive and willing to play with the kids. Not necessarily after someone with stacks of qualifications. My present nanny, sadly leaving, is an intelligent and fun young lady who loves kids. Not a qualified nanny and has been amazing. Anyone know how to get recommendations? Any where to go to find nannies? Getting a bit desperate now. I would much rather the children are loved and entertained than the housework done! Anyone got a bright, enthusiastic child who's left school and wants to hang around in cambridge for a bit with a great job? Any help greatly appreciated. In mill road area.

northofcambridge Sat 10-Aug-13 21:37:33

nannyjob gets good comments on the main mumsnet board - and they the nannies section there will also critique your advert for you if that helps

or an agency?

jac050505 Wed 13-Nov-13 16:36:28


I'm not a nanny but I am a registered childminder with spaces living in North Cambridge. Would this be an option for you?


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