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diddlydot Fri 12-Jul-13 23:15:15

I am in the process of looking for a nursery to send my daughter to when I return to work in January 2014, she will be 9months old. Unfortunately it is looking doubtful that she will get a place in my first choice nursery even though she has been on the waiting list since March this year. I have been looking at the kid’s unlimited nursery in Long road Cambridge as I work at the hospital. I was wondering if anyone has either used this nursery or knows someone who has. I have heard a lot of bad reviews about the nursery located actually in Addenbrookes hospital but nothing about the long road branch. I have looked at the ofsted report and they have scored satisfactory which isn’t great but also isn’t terrible I guess.
Any information would be much appreciated as obviously I don't want to send me daughter to somewhere bad.

Thank you

thegrowlygus Tue 16-Jul-13 09:34:03

Hiya - my 2 both went to the Kids Unlimited at Addenbrooke's (the one on site not the long road one) although this was some years ago now - until 2009. It was OK - it wasn't 'great' but it wasn't bad either. They were both well looked after (DS1 up to age 4, DS2 up to age 2) and enjoyed it there. The main problem from my point of view was staff turnover which seemed to be quite quick, although settled down somewhat towards the end of their time there.

The other thing I noticed, we moved DS2 to Patacake on Grange Road when DS1 started school (really to make pick ups etc easier as they were both in the same area) and the difference in what they did (at least what was reported back) was immense. e.g. KU "he played with cars" patacake (first day there) "we have done egyptians today - he has been made into a mummy with toilet rolls and these are the pictures!"

Don't know if that helps at all!!

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