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NewtoCambridge Fri 14-Jun-13 21:15:25

We are still at the mercy of the Cambridge housing market, there is still so little in the market. We've started to look at Sawston but don't know the area, does anyone have any views on it? What are primary schools like? Does it feel a long way from Cambridge? PS anyone anywhere between sawston and cottenham want to sell me a house

ChestertonCharley Fri 14-Jun-13 23:27:38

Schools are pretty good and cyclable to Cambridge. Plenty of amenities. Definitely worth a look.

thegrowlygus Sat 15-Jun-13 20:57:51

I have two friends that live in sawston. Both really like it, although one of them has children at babraham school and one has secondary age children at sawston.

Not terribly helpful for you! Sorry!! It is a nice village. We live a bit further out.

kawamura Mon 17-Jun-13 12:19:03

This old chap has lived in Sawston with his wife for some years. I can recommend it; a friendly place, and larger than you think. Check the new housing development plan at the parish office in Link road (closed Thursday). The primary school has a good reputation, or so I understand.

ParkersJamPiece Thu 20-Jun-13 19:44:17

Oops. Just started another what is Sawston like thread without spotting this one. What is the north like? Thanks.

SG29 Thu 04-Jul-13 09:13:36

We just moved to Sawston a few weeks ago. We chose it over other villages because it has a nice feel to it without being too isolated and empty like some of the smaller villages, and because it has good schools that we want to be near to. We are liking it so far. It doesn't feel a million miles from Cambridge, although the city bus is slow and circuitous (try driving, or the Park and ride bus for regular travel depending where you are going).

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