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howdymum Thu 02-May-13 20:48:17

We just learnt yesterday that we have been given a place at St Luke's primary school. To be honest it wasn't our first choice and I was initially concerned but from what little I've heard so far its positive.
I know there was a thread just a year ago but i wondered if anyone could please give me some up-to-date feedback on the school, the new head and any comparisons to other schools. Would be much appreciated.

WilderRose Fri 03-May-13 06:32:05

I don't know much about St Luke's. However, I know of a parent who was very keen to get her child in there [will ask her how she got on]. Also, although not great last ofsted that probably means loads of positive input going into the school [and maybe why there is a new Head?].
I think that there are parents who are happy about the school and think that there is a strong parents group. Also governors will be working hard towards better ofsted so there should be no coasting.
You need a St Luke's parent though to give accurate information.
Hope your child will be happy there. Best wishes. smile.

GW24 Fri 03-May-13 14:26:05

Hi, I am a St Luke's parent, and our youngest will be starting in Sept. It is a very nice school, small and caring, and all the teachers are good we think. The new head is great, and is working very hard on attainment and results, which Ofsted is so fixated on. The school is also appointing another teacher this year for September (Key Stage 2 currently has mixed classes). I think any small school struggles with Ofsted, as any one problem kid/result can have a big statistical impact. St Luke's is a mixed school, racially and socially, and personally I see that as a big positive. It doesn't hothouse the kids, but it does teach them well and give them lots of creative opportunities to learn. It is also blessed with a big site with lots of outside space. I think you'll find it friendly and supportive, and your child will thrive. Also, Katie Blake, the reception class teacher, is wonderful. Both our older children adored her and she has a comfortable lap for them to hide in when they need it!

rhinospanner Fri 03-May-13 14:30:00

I have two children - one in the juniors at st Luke's & one who has left. I think it is a very good school - the new head is great. Very switched on & present. The infants is fantastic, particularly the year 2 teacher.
There are many more clubs than there ever were before and a variety of interests covered.
The library has just been given a makeover and is now brilliant. There is an active PTA who organise lots if events throughout the year.
If there is anything else or I haven't answered your questions, please ask.

WilderRose Fri 03-May-13 18:30:58

Update: Mum I know did get her child in St Luke's and is very pleased as she is somewhat out of catchment [works near school].

howdymum Sat 04-May-13 20:27:20

thanks very much for taking the time to post comments everyone.

Enb76 Fri 10-May-13 10:34:56

My child has also been given a place at St Luke's. It was my first choice. The schools I had looked at were Park St, Mayfield and St Luke's. I was most impressed with St Luke's. The people who showed us round were interested and positive about the school, the space was great, the headmaster was sincere. I had loads of questions and each one was answered well. I was not so impressed by Mayfield or Park St. The staff at Mayfield were a little more dismissive (it felt) and I was shown around by two of the pupils at Park St, it felt cramped and chaotic though I'm sure it probably isn't. I am really pleased about St Luke's and plan to get fairly involved in the school if I can. Guess I'll see you in September smile

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