Someone to assess/snip a tongue-tie in Cambridge

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HelenLynn Thu 18-Apr-13 10:19:28

Day-old DS2 apparently has a bit of a tongue-tie and is struggling to latch on. If it turns out to be affordable I'd like to cut to the chase and pay a lactation consultant to come and give their opinion and snip it if they deem necessary.

(I know there are NHS resources; I'll ask the midwife what she reckons when they appear for our day-after-discharge visit later today, but I'm not hobbling down the road to a breastfeeding clinic or schlepping to Bedford to get it done on the NHS if I can possibly avoid it.)

Can anyone recommend a lactation consultant or whatever they're called who could do this?


AfricanBigElephant Thu 18-Apr-13 13:26:22

When my ds had this problem the lactation consultant I saw in the breastfeeding clinic was undergoing training to be able to do this, so maybe this would be a good place to start? I think the one I went to was in Fulbourn and this was 3 years ago.

HelenLynn Thu 18-Apr-13 16:45:52

Thanks AfricanBigElephant. I got a recommendation elsewhere for Allison Ryder ( and she was able to come this afternoon, which was great! She has a background as a midwife and is very friendly with a straightforward, common-sense approach. DS2 was tongue-tied and she did snip it, it didn't seem to hurt him for long and he is visibly more able to move his tongue now. She was helpful with advice on positioning for breastfeeding and so on as well. Hopefully he'll be better able to latch now - he did manage it for only about the third time just after she'd done it, so we'll see.

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