Garage conversions: recommendations of builders?

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Cantabile Mon 08-Apr-13 16:25:42

Has anyone had a good garage conversion to home office/reception room etc recently and would recommend their company/ builders please?

I've found on the web a company called and also one called but I'd rather have a personal local recommendation if possible.

northofcambridge Tue 09-Apr-13 20:38:54

where are you - I know someone that people are v pleased with for extensions etc and I sure would do garage - as would most general builders - but I can't imagine he would travel far - as name suggest in north villages

Cantabile Sun 21-Apr-13 14:13:28

We're in the south/ south-west of Cambridge. Any recommendations anyone? Anyone had similar works done in the last couple of years who might suggest someone?

Very grateful for any replies.

Cantabile Mon 10-Jun-13 11:06:14

Just trying one more time to get some local recoomendations for builders? It would be great if anyone could make some suggestions.

Recently had a less than good experience with a company we thought would work - 'tested' them out on a smaller job and several problems ensued.

So we're still looking for builders who come highly recommended - ie good quality work, turn up when they say, don't smoke or play load radios on site, good communication with customer etc etc.

Any ideas anyone?

HelenLynn Tue 11-Jun-13 21:34:53

See my recommendation in this old thread (posted under my old username, claerwen). Meets all your criteria and more.

HelenLynn Tue 11-Jun-13 21:39:16

I should say, we didn't have a garage conversion, we had a chimney repair, which is rather different, but I think the people whose recommendation we followed did have more substantial work done!

Cantabile Wed 12-Jun-13 09:19:15

Many thanks. I can't find anything about him on the web. Does he have a website or any profile indicating whether he's, for example, a member of the Fderation of Master Builders etc?

I'd just like to have a bit more information before I contact him. Many thanks again.

HelenLynn Wed 12-Jun-13 21:01:49

Not that I know of, I'm afraid.

JimJamboree Thu 13-Jun-13 14:28:50

TJD Builders did an excellent job for us, a while ago.

SG29 Thu 04-Jul-13 09:08:27

I would suggest trying A & G Home Improvements. I haven't actually used them myself, but we have just moved into a house that had a major extension done by them which is top quality, and actually got a very positive review from our surveyor. As surveyors rarely have anything positive to say, this is quite a recommendation. We are in South Cambridgeshire.

Gown1 Sun 11-Aug-13 22:17:09

Hello just wondered how your conversion is going as thinking of doing the sme.
Would welcome any advice

Cantabile Sat 17-Aug-13 15:12:46

Hi Gown1. Have got a company ready to start in a fortnight, recommended by a friend in RL - but no idea how good - or not - they'll be.

Reasons I chose them include: they're a small recently formed company, although the directors have quite a bit of experience in the trade but are young; no VAT yet (although this may change v soon) and also very reasonable quote compared with other companies I tried; got a good 'feeling' about them from meetings - but of course things may all go horribly wrong and they may turn out to be dreadful (have had that experience before, sadly).

I don't feel I can legitimately recommend them until they're at least halfway through (estimated end point at latest is late October for 2 garages conversion - 6 to 8 weeks). The other thing to bear in mind is that whilst they're the directors, much of the works will be carried out by members of their team, who I haven't met. Have met the site manager however and he seems OK and has given me a schedule of works.

If you'd like to come back to me in a month or so, I can say whether I'd recommend them and give you their name.

Brickit Wed 04-Sep-13 13:53:06

Hi Cantabile
Would be very interested to hear how your garage conversion project goes. I have tried to find a recommended builder so would be vey keen to hear your comments asap.and any advice on starting a garage conversion

Brickit Fri 27-Sep-13 17:46:13

Hi Cantabile

How is the garage conversion and would you recommend the building company. Hope it is going ok for you

sebsmummy1 Tue 19-Nov-13 21:18:43

Hiya, we are also looking to convert our garage and then have a kitchen refit, would also be interested how your building work is going.

KatShorey Thu 23-Apr-15 11:38:16

Hi Cantabile,
I'm also in Cambridge and looking to do a garage conversion. How did yours work out. Can you recommend them or give me any advice.
Thank you,

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