Recommend a nursery near Trumpington/Addenbrookes

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milkcookies Sat 02-Mar-13 15:17:29


I'm looking into childcare from now, expecting baby in May. Any recommendations for nurseries in the Trumpington/Addenbrookes area?

There's two that have come up after my search:

One is Kidsunlimited on Long Rd and the other is Rainbow Day Nursery (

Anyone have any experience of either?

MarronGlace Sat 02-Mar-13 19:31:02

I have a close friend with her baby at Kidsunlimited Long Road and she's got mixed feelings about it. Says her DD has always been happy there - and that's the main thing for any parent - but she (the mum) has had a few issues. For example, DD had spilt a drink and her top was soaking wet but no one changed her. I can't remember what other examples she Gave me but that sort of thing really. Also they're very expensive I hear.
I don't know about the Rainbow Day Nursery.

AfricanBigElephant Mon 04-Mar-13 13:41:26

I've visited them both. Rainbow is very messy, a bit run down. It was a hot sunny day and one of the rooms had a black curtain covering a full wall window because otherwise it would get too hot; the children had to use a different room because of that.... Also outside space was a bit small and not very nice. On the other hand the baby room looked lovely, the staff seemed to really care about the babies and I wouldn't have minded taking my ds there.

Kidsunlimited has new very good facilities, but I thought the staff were a bit less warm and caring. Also the baby room was huge and all the babies were crying so it didn't really leave a very good impression. On the other hand was talking to some friends this weekend who take their baby there (he's 15months I think) and they're very happy. They say it suits their child because he's very sociable and likes to watch other children but maybe wouldn't be ideal for a more shy child.

Our ds goes to JCN on Chaucer Road and we couldn't be happier! smile

milkcookies Mon 04-Mar-13 16:27:31

MarronGlace, thank you for sharing your friend's experience. Do you have any idea of how expensive it is?

AfricanBigElephant, thank you so much! I'll be paying them a visit soon so will have a look.

The JCN is a little far out for us, but I suppose I could do it, though traffic on the way back is probably horrendous. How is parking? And may I ask how old your ds is?

milkcookies Mon 04-Mar-13 16:36:01

AfricanBigElephant, may I ask why you are so happy with JCN? You can PM me if you prefer smile

MarronGlace Mon 04-Mar-13 18:44:58

I think a full day is £59 shock

milkcookies Mon 04-Mar-13 20:30:30

MarronGlace Gosh! shock

AfricanBigElephant Mon 04-Mar-13 21:25:02

A very good manager makes all the difference imo and that's the case at JCN. Staff are happy so turnover is very low - some have been there for over 10 years. Children are the priority, not profit, and parents are very involved and have a say in all aspects.
Ds has always been very happy there. Dd was at 2 other different nurseries so I have something to compare it with.

Drawbacks: its only open 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and it doesn't take children just a few days, the only part time option is all mornings or all afternoons.

Hope this helps - feel free to ask any more specific questions.

AfricanBigElephant Mon 04-Mar-13 21:31:29

Sorry, forgot to say parking is fine, a bit busy at 5.30 but not much of a pronlem.

We live near addenbrookes and I work south of cambridge so I do long road and trumpington rd both ways morning and afternoon and it never takes more than 10-15 mins.

Ds is 3 now and he's been there since 6 mo.

milkcookies Wed 06-Mar-13 12:07:54

AfricanBigElephant, thanks! Will pay them a visit

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