Ani's 1st birthday party

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Ann2012 Tue 15-Jan-13 18:09:11

Me and my husband are planning to celebrate our son Ani's 1st birthday (in Cambridge) in Feb. Can you please suggest some good venue? And also if you can share what you did for your kid's 1st bday party will be amazing. We need some good suggestions as we are first time parents....Waiting for your responses....

orchardy Thu 17-Jan-13 21:02:51

Ahem... Do what you like! He won't remember! No, seriously, I know the first birthday of the first child does feel like a big deal, but as far as he's concerned you don't need to do much. In future he'll be wanting parties with party bags or soft play or entertainers or goodness knows what, so why not put your money aside for that, and just invite a few friends round for a glass of bubbly and some cake? It's actually the parents (particularly Mum) that deserve the celebration, I always think, for having survived the transition to parenthood!

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