Hello new to Cambridge area which area to live in please?

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northofcambridge Sun 27-Jan-13 20:23:30

honestly the best way to meet people is to get along to the children's centre - they will have activities and it will also mean you can get registered with the health visitor

Eireomalley Sat 26-Jan-13 19:53:16

Thanks northofcambridge.
I ve found a place to rent for a month in Ely.
Does anyone have any contacts in Ely that would like to meet up?
My DD really needs some play dates & I d love to meet other mums.

northofcambridge Mon 21-Jan-13 19:17:14

oh as your DD is september you have another year - so it will worth considering primary schools - eg which are good etc and where you will get in - goes on distance mainly when you choose your long term rental
you sometimes see rental on gumtree

northofcambridge Mon 21-Jan-13 19:13:18

no I think for preschool/nerserey you don't need a permanent address - you will need to ring them and ask about avaiabilty anyway so ask then - but I can't see why you would

Eireomalley Sun 20-Jan-13 09:06:23

Thanks northofcambridge for your reply& the links.
DD is born on 16/09/09.
We ve decide to move to Ely. We ve found a holiday rental there but its only available until 30Jan.
If anyone knows of a small 2 bed house to rent long term in Ely, please contact me
I presume I can't enroll DD until I ve a permanent address?

northofcambridge Wed 16-Jan-13 20:58:48

hi you can get I think 15 free hours at any nursery not just state one - I don't know if there are any state one in either town - and probably they won't have spaces until September - BTW when is your DD 4 - if its before september 1st she will start school then and you will need to apply as soon as you have a perminant address
some links on nurseries




Eireomalley Wed 16-Jan-13 10:39:04

Thanks everyone for all your replies.

I ve called estate agents & you were all right there are housesin Ely & St Ives in our price range. it makes it a lot easier now that my search is narrowed down to 2 towns.
I m going to visit both places this week.
Does anyone have any info on state nurseries in those towns ?
To go to state nurseries in these towns do you have to live in their catchment area?
I know the term has already begun is it too late for DD to join?
Does anyone have any contacts living in these towns who wouldn't mind me getting in touch with the ?

WilderRose Mon 14-Jan-13 12:48:38

How about the Cambridge side of Newmarket?
About 20 minute drive away if A14 feeling friendly...

northofcambridge Sun 13-Jan-13 21:39:33

ely is a really easy commute on the train - as quick as getting into from one of the villages - I know people who live there very happily -

Children's centres are good place to go to - this is the ely one

NewtoCambridge Sun 13-Jan-13 16:45:07

That is a tight budget for Cambridge, I would either try Ely, for the train line of somewhere on the guided bus route nearer St Ives

JimJamboree Sun 13-Jan-13 16:34:38

Mmm, I'm afraid MilkCookies is right about the budget. Somewhere on the train line north of Cambridge might be more realistic - so Ely (probably nicer), or Littleport (probably cheaper).

milkcookies Sun 13-Jan-13 16:21:03

With this budget (£500-£700/month for a small 2bed house) I think you would definitely need to go more north. You will not find anything in Cambridge itself or even in the surrounding villages at that budget.

Eireomalley Sun 13-Jan-13 16:04:28

Thank you jimjamboree & newtocambridge for your replies.
DH will be work in the town centre so I like the idea of living in an area that has sense of community, playgroups, parks, good state nurseries,schools shops & not more than 30mins by public transport to the centre.
Am hoping to get DD into nursery 15h/week. I m at stay at home mum & would like to go to playgroups with her. Are playgroups held more often on the morning or afternoon?
Our budget £500-£700/month for a small 2bed house with a garden if poss.
Can anyone recommed any areas?
I ve heard Sarron Walden is beautiful, any opinions?
Thanks very much for your help I m really happy to have found mumsnet & to be living in this lovely town

NewtoCambridge Sun 13-Jan-13 14:28:38

Hi, We've just moved to Histon with a 3 year old. It's a nice village, has a park, shops, pubs. We use The Wendy House nursery in Impington, (Histon and Impington run into each other), it's a lovely nursery, we're really pleased with it. It's not been open that long, so it still has some places for older children. It really depends on your budget, the further you get from the middle of Cambridge, the cheaper it is, particularly to the North. Also depends where you/ DH are working, if you are working on the south side of the city, don't live in the north.

JimJamboree Sun 13-Jan-13 13:52:41

If you search this forum you'll find some good threads where people have made suggestions in the past. That should help you narrow it down a bit and you can then come back and ask about specific areas.

Eireomalley Sun 13-Jan-13 13:04:52

Hello Mums

We ve just moved to Cambridge with our 3 year old daughter.
We need to find an area to live in & a nursery school.
If any of you have any info, opinions on the many areas of Cambridge or nurseries we d really appreciate it.
We re in a guest house & would like to find a home ASAP.
I haven't learnt to drive yet so ideally we d like to live in an area which has nurseries, parks, playgroups, shops etc within walking distance.
I d be grateful for any advise
All the best

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