Spy masters thing in Bar Hill?

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orchardy Sat 05-Jan-13 12:10:37

DS2 will be 6 next month. He is saying he wants a spy party. He's never been to one so I don't know how he's got the idea, but I am aware there is a place in Bar Hill. has anyone any experience of it? Is it good, is it good value, and is it suitable for 6 year-olds?


claerwen Sat 05-Jan-13 22:41:02

A friend took her much older (11yo) daughter there for her birthday recently and she and her friends had a great time, and from her account it seems like a good enough place as far as that goes, although that doesn't help you with age suitability.

neolar Sun 06-Jan-13 18:55:43

My dd went there for her 8th birthday. She absolutely loved it and so did her friends.

ch3398 Mon 07-Jan-13 21:34:55

having been to several parties there I would have thought it was more suitable for slightly older children - more like Year 3 onwards.

neolar Tue 08-Jan-13 12:24:27

ch3398 - I think from last summer they introduced a version for younger children. However, it might be worth checking that they are happy to have some 5 year olds amongst the guests (assuming that a 6th birthday party will involve some kids who are slightly younger.)

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