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notafriendofkathandjohnny Sun 25-Nov-12 11:32:26

Just about to move to Cambridge, and am very very happy about that! After much research on Mumsnet have (just about) secured flat and primary place for dd, Y3. Have shared care (Friday to Monday) of ds who goes to school elsewhere but am planning ahead for sixth form as he will be living with me then. Can anyone advise what my position will be since, ostensibly, he will be living in catchment but would have been schooled elsewhere....will his be an out of catchment application, and therefore likely not to succeed due to oversubscription? Or would it be looked at as an in-year application, as if he has just moved to the area, and if so would this be the better position to be in? PS We are talking about 2015, but hey! Thanks

mynameisnt Sun 25-Nov-12 11:43:50

It's not a 'catchment' sixth form as such, but very competitive. I went in 1980, and it was difficult then! I'm sure someone who has more recent experience will come along, but he will seriously need extremely good results and be someone they want. I had a miserable time I have to admit as was a village girl in a city school, but am still pleased I can say I went there! My eldest dd went to Long Road, where she was very happy - I admit I steered her away from HR but that's just my experience.

Cantusemyusualnickname Sun 25-Nov-12 11:53:31

There are some answers on their FAQs:
Q: Where do Hills Road students come from?
A: Over 95% of our students are from within the CAP catchment area (‘in-area’), with the remaining small percentage coming from further afield (‘out-area’). Currently 87% of our students are from state maintained schools.
Q: How do you prioritise between ‘in-area’ applicants if Hills Road is oversubscribed?
A: In the event of oversubscription, we expect to offer the substantial majority of places at the College to in-area students who achieve the adjusted estimated grade profile set by the College regardless of school of origin. When considering which students to accept who fall below this profile, preference will be given to students attending the College’s 18 partner schools listed in note 1 of the Admissions Policy, also taking into account the space available in the subjects applied for.

About 5 years ago we were told that the minimum requirement was at least 6 A Grades at GCSE (anecdotal rather than official).
If your DS seems very bright, I suggest you start thinking about this in a few years time ... e.g. Y9 onwards rather than Y3! By that time some of the new state sixth forms in the area will be rather better established and there will be rather more choice of where to go post 16.

notafriendofkathandjohnny Sun 25-Nov-12 11:58:34

DS IS Y9, thats why i mentioned 2015. DD is Y3.

Cantusemyusualnickname Sun 25-Nov-12 13:22:16

Then you should talk to HRSFC admissions about your position. They can tell you whether they consider your DS to be in or out of catchment for admission purposes.

northofcambridge Sun 25-Nov-12 19:39:11

I agree I would ring them and ask - I am sure this situation has come up before -- as there pp said there are few new 6th form providers so you might be able to get a feel for a things more next year

notafriendofkathandjohnny Mon 26-Nov-12 16:30:29

thanks all - went in today and he would be treated as an in area applicant. so thats the technicalities sorted. I know the likelihood is that he wont go there...it seems quite elite...but when you are making the big decisions of moving to a new city, new area its reassuring to think that you have covered as many bases as possible.

mynameisnt Mon 26-Nov-12 16:45:03

ooh I'm 'elite' grin wink

notafriendofkathandjohnny Mon 26-Nov-12 21:13:03


Ijustwanttosay Wed 05-Dec-12 13:53:17

Do have a look around the sixth forms before you get hung up on Hills. Hills Road is an "exam factory"; it gets results and is very academic but my experience was that the pastoral care was patchy and impersonal. But it is good prep for Oxbridge if that's what your son wants.

Long Road is good too, and is/was stronger in the arts, and Impington International VI Form offers the IB which is good for all-rounders. Look at where your son's strengths lie and what sort of environment he flourishes in. They are all very different. You may also wish to compare drop-out rates.

Oots Tue 26-Feb-13 13:58:25

You could always try St.Andrew's College in Cambridge. It is independent so there would be fees, but classes are small and service is very personal.

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