experiences of Rosie hospital?

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orangeshortbreadcam Mon 12-Nov-12 17:21:09

I'm 33 weeks with my first pregnancy. I have heard that the new Rosie birthing centre is lovely and am on a waiting list for a tour. Has anybody already given birth there and could share positive/negative experiences? I'm also interested in people's experiences of the delivery unit at the Rosie.

I guess my dilemma is this: I love the idea of the privacy of a Midwife-led centre and of the relaxed nature of this as busy hospitals freak me out and I find it difficult to share a sleeping/showering space with other people I don't know. On the other hand my pain threshold is quite low and I know that in the midwife-led centre an epidural is out of the question and I have no idea how realistic it is that I can cope with gas and air alone. Any experiences/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

WilderRose Mon 12-Nov-12 17:48:12

I had my children before 'new' building work all done.
However I am sure some of what I say will be relevant. In MW led unit I had my own toilet until moved to ward. In delivery unit toilet was just outside room.
If you start off in Midwife led bit and want/need an epidural you move in the lift one floor up and get one in delivery unit.
Someone with more recent info may correct me!

Nimwe Wed 14-Nov-12 22:54:17

I have had two babies there (in the old building) and both were very positive experiences in terms of the care I received. My first baby was born in the delivery unit. I opted to have an epidural very early on, had my own room with an ensuite bathroom. It was a vey comfortable birth and I felt very well cared for. After the birth i went into a recovery room ( still on the delivery floor) where Daddy and i had some tea and toast and spent a few hours resting and introducing ourselves to our new baby until transferred downstairs to the ward. Once transferred down to the ward we did have to share a bathroom with a few other mothers. But it was ok.

My second baby was born by emergency c-section. The need for the c-section was totally unexpected. I had gone into labour naturally and was happily ensconced in the delivery unit with my own ensuite room until the need for the c-section arose. I spent a few days afterwards with my own room too. Before a few more days on the ward. The care was fantastic and I will be forever grateful to the Rosie. I imagine the new building will be even better and hopefully someone will post with really up to date information.

Very best of luck.

OohTrifle Mon 19-Nov-12 21:38:59

I opted to have my first baby at the Rosie beg of 2010 swayed by the "best performing" ratings etc (and the fact that I worked for Addenbrooke's). No tour due to infection control restrictions but I was obviously able to do a recce at lunchtime (at least find the parking, the ward and right entrance).

I went into labour on early Sunday morning and on ringing the ward before 6am was asked if "I could come in for shift handover ~ 7am." Er,no. I don't think the baby does waiting... We went to the MLBU, were left alone too long, no one checked to see how far along I was until my husband went to find somebody and in the end there were a lot of people in scrubs in my room looking for the baby's heartbeat. No gas or air offered - used for stitches. Our baby wasn't waiting around - in effect, he took them by surprise. While we certainly weren't rushed out down to the ward (offered tea and toast, toilet outside room, little shower round the corner) it was unfortunately not the best introduction to the Rosie and left with a pretty poor impression of weekend staffing levels and care.

Afterwards we were put on a ward in a bay with 3 other mums. You can imagine little sleep due to all different patterns of baby waking/crying/difficulty in feeding. The best bit was getting a lovely midwife to come and do all his checks the next morning and tell us we could be discharged. Her (v down to earth) words of "I read your notes, they must have been bricking it" just made me feel a lot better that I wasn't just being a hormonal numpty.

The work and vision for the new extension is impressive and I am sure it will provide super facilities. What would have made our experience a lot better would have been the care and attention on our arrival. Something that we got with our second son (an even quicker arrival) but at another hospital.

Sorry it's a fairly negative review given the others but the very best of luck with what will be your newest reason to smile!

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