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flightsup Sat 01-Sep-12 11:21:56

Hello, we have just arrived in Cambridge and are keen to find some good places where my DS (6yrs) can burn off some energy and find some friends. He's a very friendly, active, iikes-to-go-fast kind of boy. We've just come from a year in Amsterdam (before that NZ) so any fellow dutch-speaking playmates would be an extra bonus.

As for me, I have 5 weeks to get geared up before new baby arrives so have lots of questions like where to get baby stuff, meet other mums, recommended doulas/midwives/consultants at the Rosie (trying to avoid c section). Am particularly keen to find a book or writing group while I can still string a sentence together and a nice relaxing yoga/exercise class, especially for that bit where you do nothing at end.

Any tips or pointers greatly appreciated.

ChoccyJules Sat 01-Sep-12 11:37:36

Welcome to Cambridge!

Which part are you in? (this is for the burn-off energy advice)

There's a nice lady called Anna Youngs who does pre and post natal yoga at Ross Street Community Centre, you should be able to google her.

Biscuitsneeded Sat 01-Sep-12 19:51:10

Welcome! You'll like Cambridge - very good for families. Which part of the city are you in?

flightsup Mon 03-Sep-12 17:39:50

Hello! Thank you very much both of you. It certainly seems a lovely place. Should add warning that am also new to mumsnet which combined with pregnancy / moving brain means haven't worked out how to reply individually and suspect am adding new message. Hey ho. We are in Newnham - that much I do know.

springlenner Mon 03-Sep-12 20:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CambridgeBabboe Tue 04-Sep-12 09:27:57

Try the NCT events - there's a walk in Milton Park on 15th Sept which is a good spot for wearing out kids, and the NCT sale is on 22nd Sept which might be good for baby stuff. In terms of places to go with kids, here are my top 5 indoor and outdoor -

Lammas Land (you have probably found this)
Cherry Hinton Hall and park (go to the back where the beautiful river bit is)
Botanic Gardens
Shepreth Wildlife Park
Grantchester meadows for walks and climbing trees (Red Lion pub is child friendly) - you can cycle along the river path from Newnham. There is also a nice playground off Coton Rd hidden away at the top of Stulp Field Rd.

Scotsdales Garden Centre on Shelford Rd (pets, toy corner, aquariums, fish feeding)
Cheeky Monkeys playbarn
Melbourn Garden Centre (has soft play next to nice cafe)
Trumpington Toddler Group good for meeting dutch mums when you have a baby, I can think of 3 who go there - C3 church hall Mon and Thurs 930-1130
Parkside Pool in town, slides and nice mini pool for babies

Good luck with it all and welcome to lovely Cambridge!

flightsup Tue 04-Sep-12 09:43:01

Wonderful. Thank you Springlenner. Crux day today - hoping to hear if we can get into school as it is full plus movers about to arrive, cue chaos - will email you but doubt I'll still be standing at end of day let alone talking!

flightsup Tue 04-Sep-12 09:45:30

Thank you CambridgeBabboe!

ohmygoshandgolly Tue 04-Sep-12 09:56:34

Welcome to Cambridge!

Check out the Sure Start centres - Romsey Mill and Homerton have plenty going on for babies and Romsey Mill has a midwife drop-in session (from 9am) on a Wednesday morning which is really useful if you haven't been able to register at a GPs surgery yet. It's across town from you but is an easy cycle / drive.

Def look up Anna Youngs yoga - she is starting up her excellent antenatal and postnatal classes this September. I highly recommend them for meeting other mums and having a bit of time to yourself.


BlueChampagne Tue 04-Sep-12 13:46:21

Another vote for Anna Youngs! Also look out for the 'little trains' in Newnham Further afield, especially if you're a National Trust member, Wimpole Hall and Anglesey Abbey have lots of room to burn off energy.

Also, Seals Swimming offer good courses both after school and on Saturdays Birthlight also do baby swimming at the Grove School.

Cycle to Romsey Mill if you can - parking a car can be a nightmare!

Hope you'll be very happy here.

BlueChampagne Tue 04-Sep-12 14:04:25

Oh - and for you, check out The Big Scream at the Arthouse cinema!

flightsup Mon 10-Sep-12 18:33:27

Brilliant - thank you both. People have said there is plenty for kids here and I'm beginning to see why. Particularly like the sound of the Big Scream.

juliettebs Fri 01-Feb-13 21:46:33

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

doctorgeek Sat 02-Mar-13 15:33:07

I've recently had dealings with two female consultants at the Rosie (also trying to avoid a section) and they have been nothing short of wonderful - entirely supportive of my choices, and also clear on what situations they would still recommend a section and why. Some of the midwives are much more dismissive, as was a locum consultant, but you have nothing to worry about IME with the proper consultants.

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