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DoctorGilbertson Fri 31-Aug-12 13:23:49

Any suggestions?

I am moving to Linton and will be working at Addenbrookes.

I would like to cycle but am not sure that it would be practical

e.g. Does anyone just cycle down the A1307? Would be quickest and straightest

From what I read there is an off road cycle path north of the A1307 but don't know if this wouldn't just be very slow.

I will have a car and could drive but this thought doesn't fill me with joy. I also understand that I wouldn't be able to park at Addenbrookes. Do people park in residential areas near by?

Bus? I don't mind the bus at all (you can hear that I really don't like driving, although I would probably get used to it!) but childcare is in Linton and my timings will be a little bit tight so I need something reliable.

Car-share, do you know any schemes?

Any advice? Am sure that I will find something that works, just looking for ideas.

DoctorGilbertson Fri 31-Aug-12 13:24:23


LizziePizzie Fri 31-Aug-12 13:25:26

Addenbrookes do do a car share thing, but can't remember off hand the name of it. (I also work at Addenbrooke's). You can park and cycle from the park and ride.

Why can't you park at Addenbrooke's?

DoctorGilbertson Fri 31-Aug-12 13:28:49

I read on the website that parking was difficult, with loads of cars and not enough parking space, and asked a friend who studied there a few years ago who said the same. If you experience is different this is good news!

But car share is good news. Probably easier to find out about when I start.

Lilymaid Fri 31-Aug-12 13:48:34

What time are you going in to Addenbrookes. The road beyond the roundabout at the Gogs (where you turn off for the P&R) is very busy after 7.30 am.
The 13 bus is largely used by Hills/Long Road students in term time (so busy and noisy) - but it is relatively reliable.
There's a cycle track for a little way along the A1307 from Linton and again from Wandlebury into Cambridge - but, as far as I understand, theren isn't a track all the way. Don't attempt to cycle along the road - it is a "High Casualty Route" and dangerous.
Why not drive to the P&R, leave your bike there and then cycle from there (on the path/cycle track to Addenbrookes?

DoctorGilbertson Fri 31-Aug-12 14:16:44


Yes, dropping my son off at school at 8.50am so rush hour, most evenings coming back to collect for 5.40pm. Good to know re: the bus being reliable.

So I could keep my bike at the park and ride (which has free parking) and cycle in from there. Certainly sounds possible, and not too expensive.

LizziePizzie Fri 31-Aug-12 14:21:58

There is a huge 'thing' at the moment that people parking for free at the P&R and then cycling or walking in is causing problmes for the council and they are talking about introducing parking charges.

This is from the Addenbrooke's intranet site re car share:

QUESTION: Do we need to register on the scheme to get increased car parking rights?
Yes. Pick up a form from the Access Office.

QUESTION: What do I do if I don't know anyone who I can share with?
The Access Office will enter your details on their database and try to find you a match.

QUESTION: Will I be obliged to car share every day?
No. You work out between you what is convenient. But on days you do not share, you revert to your usual parking rights.

QUESTION: I don't drive but am interested in getting a lift to work. Can I still register?
Yes. Pick up a form from the Access Office.

QUESTION: How could the database possibly find someone whose shifts match my own?
The majority of staff here work shifts, so it is possible.

QUESTION: I travel a long distance from a small village - how could the database possibly find me a match?
You'd be surprised. Approximately 2,000 Trust staff travel more than 10 miles to get into work, so there is a chance of success.

butisthismyname Fri 31-Aug-12 14:44:15

I used to cycle that route -very occasionally - it's a long long way!

DoctorGilbertson Fri 31-Aug-12 15:02:22

Thanks again everyone. Lots of helpful comments!

rubyrubyruby Wed 05-Sep-12 01:06:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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