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SuperGlumFairy Sun 19-Aug-12 13:40:32

I just wondered what Huntingdon itself was like to live in? We had been planning to move to Ely but have not been able to secure a house and now all the primary schools are full so have switched to looking at Huntingdon.

How is it to live there? How are the schools? Any areas of it I should avoid?

EauRouge Sat 03-Nov-12 08:35:54

So glad you're settling in OK smile Let us all know if you need anything or if you fancy a meet-up.

SuperGlumFairy Sat 03-Nov-12 07:43:43

We are here and loving it! It is so beautiful and I am confident we will be very happy here. House is way smaller than expected but we'll manage for now. Have ventured in town a couple of times, been up to Huntingdon on the bus and yesterday did the guided busway into Cambridge. Anxiety has been super good, didn't even freak out with the plane ride. Kids were magnificent the whole way over. Feel like I am gliding about in a bubble of bliss, now if I could just work out all the damn funny little coins ;)

StrangerintheNight Wed 24-Oct-12 22:50:24

Best of luck with the move, hope it all works out for you.

EauRouge Tue 23-Oct-12 22:44:25

Wow, not long. Best of luck with the move smile

SuperGlumFairy Tue 23-Oct-12 22:00:23

28 hours until our flight leaves!!

SuperGlumFairy Fri 12-Oct-12 13:53:43

It's not the St Ives one I was talking about yesterday but it's just up the road from it funnily enough, was slightly better suited to us and much cheaper actually. I am so happy, big love to the amazing agent who has really pulled out all the stops to help us with property hunting the last few weeks.
I can't believe it's real and I am just so in love with St Ives already. Everything we need is nearby and I am happy that two of the 3 primary schools have spaces for my twins as of yesterday.
First thing Monday I am booking removalists, cleaners, cat transporters and more!

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this thread and given advice and experiences of the different locations we were looking at. It was such a huge help. I cannot wait to make this move now. I don't think I will stay a SuperGlumFairy anymore!

EauRouge Fri 12-Oct-12 13:07:54

Fantastic news! Is it the one you liked? Hope the move goes smoothly. We ought to have a meet-up once you're settled in.

SuperGlumFairy Fri 12-Oct-12 11:48:37

We have a house!!!

littlemrssleepy Thu 11-Oct-12 13:51:19

check out this website - not sure how old your kids are but may be of use.

SuperGlumFairy Thu 11-Oct-12 10:28:10

Hi Kiwibella, I am hoping to secure a property before leaving Australia as we have nowhere to go when we get there. We are talking to an Agent at the moment about a house in St Ives which the kids and I are quite excited about so we're hoping we'll get it and finally be able to set a date to travel. It's just hard to commit to a house that we've not seen in person, it's a bit daunting but unfortunately my in-laws are on holidays this week so they can't even go and have a look for us and I am sure my ex won't even I asked. I figure at worst we'll stay in it for 6 months and then find something more permanent as by then the kids will be enrolled in schools and hopefully i will be working so we'll know where works best for us. I do really like the photos we have seen from the agent's site though and it has all we need, it's just a case of having no idea what the room sizes are or what the layout of the house is like.
I am just so afraid of making the wrong decision as I have no one to talk these things over with, the downside of being a single parent I guess. Kids love the house though so that's a good start.

kiwibella Wed 10-Oct-12 18:38:22

have you got somewhere to come to when you arrive from Australia, SuperGlumFairy? Or, are you planning to rent a home from Aus? I'm in Huntingdon - Hinchingbrooke Park and my children are at Cromwell Park and Hinchingbrooke. LauraSmurf said earlier to avoid Cromwell Park school... I have to add my own little defense - the head teacher is disliked by many people. Personally, I don't like her style and the staff turnover has been of a very high number... however it is a beaut little community and the children are (generally) happy there. There are going to be things that you like and don't like about any school. We have made the loveliest friends through our children.
It is an easy walk in to town from Hinchingbrooke, where there is a Sainsbury's supermarket or the bus to Tesco. We moved here from London for the secondary school and the rail link because my dh still commutes back.
Good luck with your plans!

tobemory Fri 05-Oct-12 14:51:39


We live in Brampton near Huntingdon. It is lovely - got everything you need, friendly and lots of families. School is nice and Hinchingbrooke catchment. Train station 5 mins in car. Hinchingbrooke Park and Grafham Water really close.

Would recommend if you haven't already ruled out. Best of luck.

SuperGlumFairy Thu 04-Oct-12 14:38:09

Hey Mell I don't mind the hijack..I'm still househunting for St Ives, Godmanchester and Huntingdon but hoping something will come up any day now as I am so ready to live this house and get to UK.
In regards to the schools I think it would depend on the year level you are requiring and whether you are in the catchment area for the school you want. I know that St Ivo for example is full in Yr 9 with 4 on the waiting list but they are all out of area, so if I moved into that catchment area we would actually go to the top of the list.
I just tend to keep checking in with the Admissions Office as places can change all the time with places filling and emptying etc.

lynniep Thu 04-Oct-12 12:37:19

that made no sense. St Ives quite nice but dont LIVE there so don't go so very often and not that familiar.

lynniep Thu 04-Oct-12 12:36:45

Godmanchester lovely. (also biased like flowery) . St Ives quite nice although don't like there. Swavesey v. good schools but you need to be in catchment. I know theres a big Waitrose in St Ives but Tesco will deliver. No train station.

mell242 Thu 04-Oct-12 12:29:11

Slight hijacking of the thread with regards to Godmanchester. We currently live in Histon which is great but we're renting and prices to buy are slightly out of our price range. Hubby works in Histon so a commute from Godmanchester wouldn't be horendous (even though it's on the A14!).

We've only ever driven through but it looks lovely and want to do a bit more investigation.

Are the local schools overscribed and what are they like? My son would be starting next September.

SuperGlumFairy Wed 12-Sep-12 12:48:43

Thank you STrangerintheNight - good to hear there are no known dodgy parts of town. At this stage we would be happy with something in St Ives, Godmanchester or Hartford/Stukeley Meadows area of Huntingdon.

We need to be out of our house here in 10 days so I am desperately looking at self catering accommodation in those areas to at least have somewhere to go while we continue to look for houses.

StrangerintheNight Tue 11-Sep-12 21:38:32

Hi, OP, hope things will start to fall into place for you soon. In response to your earlier question, there often seem to be retail vacancies in St Ives shops, if that's what you meant.
In terms of area, I don't know if there are any dodgy parts of town, but if you can live south of st Audrey Lane then all the main facilities are easily walkable.

kickassangel Tue 04-Sep-12 21:13:41

not really.

since huntingdon police started cracking down then the high street is a bit drunken on a sat night, but it doesn't sound like that would affect you.

SuperGlumFairy Tue 04-Sep-12 11:23:42

Another question...are there any parts of St Ives considered dodgy or not safe? It looks beautiful, loads of green areas, neat and tidy and I love the look of the schools there, but are there any social problems like in HUntingdon or parts that are less nice than others?

SuperGlumFairy Mon 03-Sep-12 15:13:40

STopEating - yes we will be renting as it is. Losing so much money on the shipping and airfares that buying will not be an option for me for a very long time, if ever. It's just trying to get a house that will allow a cat, is affordable, near facilities and school vacancies nearby. Trying to get that all in one house is proving hard hence we are branching out to look at more than a few possible locations now.

StopEatingThatMud Mon 03-Sep-12 15:09:39

Also would you consider renting for a while? I believe there's a fairly healthy rental market in st ives. Certainly two friends of mine didn't have any problems recently finding somewhere.

StopEatingThatMud Mon 03-Sep-12 15:08:13

Oh bum, sorry I must've missed that bit, must read things properly before posting!

Have you considered brampton at all? I'd imagine its bikeable to st peters and is w nice little village, similar to godmanchester but better for train station access. Just another option to consider if needed.

Tell miss 8 that thanks to the guided busway there's reasonably frequent busses between st ives and huntingdon, so all is not lost if she MUST get to Claire's accessories! Check out (I think, I'm sure Google will give a definite answer). You'll also find details about onward travel to Cambridge from there too.

SuperGlumFairy Mon 03-Sep-12 14:31:01

StopEating- Stukeley Meadows is full for primary though but it was the one area of Huntingdon I likely would have felt safe enough to live, plus have all the facilities I needed close by. It is good to hear St Peters is coming up though as Huntingdon itself has everything I need opportunity wise for me as well with Job Centre, the Regional College if I should choose to do further study, CAB advice, a good amount of retail work advertised etc Everything I need is there really, at least St Ives isn't too far though. My Miss 8 is just annoyed that there is no Claire's Accessories store in St Ives as she is really into bling!

KissAssAngel - according to the admissions criteria for St Ivo an in catchment child places higher than an out of catchment. I just need to get a house though!

StopEatingThatMud Mon 03-Sep-12 13:24:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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