Anyone's children attending Perse?

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GnTmummy Mon 13-Aug-12 06:19:58


I'm interested in finding out where people generally live when sending children to the Perse school-
Many thanks for your help.

butisthismyname Sun 26-Aug-12 13:43:04

OUr dd may well be going next year and we live in Cambridge but it will be a tricky one, as I will have to take her, go home, then cycle to work!!

GnTmummy Sun 02-Sep-12 05:12:57

Hello there,

we are also planning to start there in the next term--I am realising rather quickly that it is going to be really tricky doing the dropping and picking up because of all the congestion in Cambridge! Are you in the City? We are looking to move to Cambridge, but I'm not too keen on being right in the centre, hence my curiosity about where people choose to live to get in and out of the school and off to work!

Any inspiration welcome ;-)

butisthismyname Sun 02-Sep-12 20:22:19

we're about a mile to the east of the school, but still in the city. My thinking is that if we do get her in - which is still an unknown as she has to get through the exams (!) it will be worth a little inconvenience. Luckily I am the manager at my place of work so will be able to be a little flexible and my dh will be able to pick up plus of course there are after school clubs. To be honest where she is now can be tricky to work out but I know a lot of people commute from villages and even other towns so i guess it must be doable!

docsarah Sun 23-Sep-12 14:50:05

IIRC there's a minibus that picks up in the morning from the Trumpington Park and Ride -may be easier to drop kids off there.

millroad Mon 22-Oct-12 22:38:32

We live near Sawston and our children attend the Perse pre-prep/prep. The journey to the pre-prep site is around 20 minutes in the morning, shorter in the afternoon as traffic is much lighter. We find it a very nice place to live, there's everything you need in the village and it's very convenient for Whittlesford Parkway station (which has a much better service than Great Shelford). That said, if you can afford it, Great Shelford is a nicer village overall but the prices reflect that. Lots of people we know like to live in the "triangle" of roads surrounding Glebe Road - Hills Avenue, Blinco Grove, etc. - but again, it's not cheap there.

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