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BoredCommuter Wed 18-Apr-12 19:12:24

Sorry, yet another topic on this. It looks like DH might be offered a job in Cambridge (north side of the centre). From I thread below I've gathered the following.

Avoid: Haverhill, March, Chatteris
Good/Ok areas: Ely, Bury, Cottenham. Soham, Newmarket, Burwell, Thrapston, Oundle, Linton, Milton, Histon, Waterbeach, Bury St.Edmunds.

We've got a three yr old, so primary schools will be important, any other tips? We quite fancy a village or small town around Cambridge, budget probably around £400k for a 4 bed.

How easy is it to make friends in Cambridge? We don't really know anyone there?

At the moment I work full time, I'll probably end up looking for another full time or almost full time job, how easy is it to find childminders or after school clubs if we need them?


sairygamp Wed 18-Apr-12 19:23:48

Hi! you'll be able to get somewhere in town for that price quite easily I expect, if you want to be in town. Out of town, in the villages you've mentioned we have histon waterbeach linton Cottenham Histon and Linton have lovely schools, not too sure about Waterbeach or cottenham but think they're ok. All 4 of these villages are easily accessible to cambridge too. Hope that helps a bit and maybe gives you an idea. smile

BoredCommuter Wed 18-Apr-12 21:01:04

Thanks, what are the villages like between Cambridge and Ely? I've seen some lovely houses in Haddenham and Stretham, we seem to be able to get a lot for our money

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 18-Apr-12 21:12:59

I live just outside Bury St Ed's, so if you have any questions ask away smile

Some schools are better than others, but they are all good.
There are lots of families in the town.
The majority of High Street chains are here, but we don't have the traffic issues that Cambridge suffers from.
There is a direct train link to Cambridge.
It's on the A14.

An0therName Wed 18-Apr-12 21:22:33

my experience - v easey to make friends in cambridge - especially in the villages nearer cambridge its self - lots of people come and go - and certainly in my village everyone was v friendly
schools near cambridge all pretty good -
do consider the commute if you go further out - A10 and A14 can be pretty bad going into cambridge
400 K for 4 bed would get you pretty close into cambridge
childminders - I found one pretty easily in my village and most places have after school clubs - but like most places they do get booked up

Lilymaid Wed 18-Apr-12 21:26:21

If your DH has a job to the north of Cambridge, look for places easily accessible ... i.e. villages/suburbs to the north. That will exclude Linton from your list. Oundle is in Northamptonshire and quite a long way from Cambridge involving a trip along the awful A14 Huntingdon to Cambridge stretch. Bury is a nice town but is quite a way from Cambridge to the east. With your budget I'd be looking at villages such as Histon or Girton (both very close to Cambridge).
With a young DC it is usually quite easy to meet new people via schools/activities.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Wed 18-Apr-12 22:03:35

come to Bottisham, tis great!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Wed 18-Apr-12 22:04:33

properties available

BlueChampagne Thu 19-Apr-12 12:42:09

Hardwick is worth considering - your DH could cycle to Cambridge and avoid the driving & parking stress (and expense). Ditto Histon, Impington etc.

Hardwick Primary has just been rated 'good' by Ofsted, it has an after school club and a couple of local childminders.

Agree you will soon make friends via pre-school and school.

DonInKillerHeels Thu 19-Apr-12 17:08:40

You want to look at villages north of town (though as many people have said, you could easily live in town for that budget).

If it were me (and I've lived in Cambridge nearly 20 years now) I would go for Histon. Absolutely lovely community, good primary, and Impington Village College has a great rep. Cottenham is also nice, and Burwell too, though further out.

BoredCommuter Fri 27-Apr-12 21:39:44

Sorry, had been internet free for a few days. Histon and Impington sound great. I'll definitely investigate. Does anyone use Kids Unlimited on the Science Park? We will need a full tine nursery and that looks to be in a good location. The Ofsted report looks ok.

BoredCommuter Sun 29-Apr-12 18:29:01

I think I have a shortlist


How does that look?

I've seen the most amazing house for sale in Cottenham, i just need it still to be there in a month or so. We might rent first, there does seem to be a lack of rental properties in the villages

HotheadPaisan Sun 29-Apr-12 19:57:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BoredCommuter Sun 29-Apr-12 21:13:45

Budget depends on a few factors, but initally thinking £400k for a 4 bed to buy, around £1200 pcm for renting

HotheadPaisan Sun 29-Apr-12 21:18:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lobsters Sun 29-Apr-12 21:31:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

goldenpeach Sat 12-May-12 05:57:50

If you rent in CB4 area in Cambridge, do let me know - I can help you out with your queries....

I would prioritise Histon to Cottenham, just because it is a more lively village with more facilities. Or you can try Girton, which is quite close to central Cambridge.

BoredCommuter Sun 24-Jun-12 17:00:04

I'm back, it looks like the move is more likely, so I'm doing more research. I think we are likely to be renting first but given we will have to apply for schools in Dec/Jan, we will need to look at schools.

DH will be working in North Cambridge, no idea where I will be working, but maybe intially back into London some days. Most of the jobs in my field seem to be in Peterborough, what is the commute like from Cambridge to Peterborough?

Now for some villages for comment:
St Ives
Swaffham Prior
Little Thetford
Great Barton

Also any recommendations for ballet classes and swimming lessons welcome


BoredCommuter Sun 24-Jun-12 17:05:42

Oh, and there don't seem to be many rental properties listed on rightmove. Can anyone recommend good estate agents for Histon, Impington, Girton and areas?

DonInKillerHeels Sun 24-Jun-12 17:07:38

Cambridge to Peterborough is 50 minutes on a pretty decent direct train once an hour; no big deal.

If you are going to be woring between Cambridge and Peterborough, you really should consider Ely as the obvious choice as it's on the train between the two. Secondary in Ely not great, but Soham Village College has a good reputation if you can get in there.

Of the villages you mention (and St Ives is more of a town, BTW) the only one I know well is Swaffham Prior. Lovely. But dead as a doornail and virtually nowhere to buy a pint of milk.

If you're happy to drive to Peterborough, you should consider Histon and Impington; much more family friendly and an excellent secondary in Impington Village College.

DonInKillerHeels Sun 24-Jun-12 17:11:32

FWIW if you need to be in Peterborough AND London for your work, I would buy a house either near Cambridge station (or Ely) or near the new Cambridge Science Park station that has got the green light recently -- it's in North Cambridge so would suit your DH well. Worse schools than other bits of town, though frankly they are only going to get better with the new station opening up.

DonInKillerHeels Sun 24-Jun-12 17:12:48

Also, there more rental properties will come onto the market as soon as university term ends (next weekend pretty much). I personally like Pocock and Shaw for Cambridge.

EcoLady Sun 24-Jun-12 17:13:32

St Ives is a town rather than a village. Would be good for you to get to Peterborough but the commute along to A14 into Cambridge for your DH is hellish in the morning: nose-to-tail all the way on a normal day. Could use the guided bus instead of course.

Surprised no-one has mentioned Bar Hill. Just northwest of Cambridge, off j29 of the A14. Great little school, epic Tesco, superb village facilities in a totally pedestrian-friendly area. Great childminders, two good pre-schools and an excellent after-school club too.

Secondary education is excellent, with chn going to Swavesey Village College.

DonInKillerHeels Sun 24-Jun-12 17:15:01

Bar Hill is not to everyone's taste....

EcoLady Sun 24-Jun-12 17:15:44

Oh, and best local estate agent for the north-of-Cambridge villages would be Haart.

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