Car boot sales in Cambridge?

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GrahamTribe Wed 21-Mar-12 08:49:27

Hi all. Can someone recommend a car boot sale in Cambridge please? I've heard that there's one at Trumpington Park & Ride and that there might be one at the Cowley Road site too, does anyone know anything about them? Thanks.

mell242 Wed 21-Mar-12 19:36:59

Not in the centre of town but there's one in Oakington which is fairly big and popular.

DJSEM Thu 07-Feb-13 13:47:15

This may be of interest to you (although I have just realised that this thread is a year old). I have heard that there is a mid-week car boot sale taking place on Wednesday 20th February 2013 at Histon Football Club Cambridge. I believe it takes place during school hours. Something different to the usual weekend one. The contact number on the flyer is 07899857703.

Brampton Raceway, in Huntingdon is worth travelling to as it regularly has several hundred stalls and there used to be some good stalls, back in the day, rather than the usual 'tutt'. It's the only car boot where I have done a stall and I did ok.

The City ground car boot is very 'hit and miss' but these things do depend on the quality of their stalls and this obviously varies.

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