anyone selling at the nct nearly new sale on Sat 24/09?

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euphrosyne Wed 14-Sep-11 15:33:25

link here

I have a few things to clear out.

Is it worth registering for say approx. 20 pieces of boys' clothing (dpam, john lewis and other) including coats and shoes in mint condition, plus half a crater of books and soft toys?

An0therName Wed 14-Sep-11 15:47:38

I am selling; its my first time selling in Cambridge but I have sold at other NNS sales with about that amount. It was less fuss than ebay about I sold about 1/2 what I put in. I don't think they accept soft toys BTW but the clothes would probably sell if a name and in good condition, and priced ok of course

euphrosyne Wed 14-Sep-11 18:43:21

thanks for your post

I have just been told there are no more sellers' places

I will try my luck next time, but definitely pop in to see if there are any bargains

PJFanClub Wed 14-Sep-11 22:00:20

I have sold things at the Cambridge NCT sales.
I put all clothes and shoes in (except for supermarket and primark or well worn stuff) and price low. About 95% sells.

I wouldn't sell anything expensive there again as I put a pram in to sell, it got damaged and someone stole the raincover, the instructions and the sunshade.

There are loads of books there, they don't sell particularly well (unless really cheap) and they don't take soft toys.

They normally have a waiting list in case anyone drops out of selling - you could get yourself added to that perhaps?

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