child carer for wedding nursery?

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NicolaCambridge Thu 31-Mar-11 17:18:10

Hello, I'm getting married on 2 July in Cambridge and we'd like to offer a nursery to the parents that are coming along to our wedding. There will be three babies under 1 year old.
Can anyone give me any tips how to find a qualified, reliable carer to look after the children in the nursery? I don't have kids myself so I'm not too sure how to go about this.
The mothers would be at most 200m away the entire day, and drop in to breastfeed etc..
Many thanks

Wallywithabrolly Thu 31-Mar-11 17:32:53

There is a mobile creche/nursery service based in Cambridge called Care Fairies or something like that. I have been to several events that they have been at and they have been superb - they might be worth a call?

NicolaCambridge Fri 01-Apr-11 09:52:25

Thanks, that's very useful.

Nosleeptillgodknowswhen Fri 01-Apr-11 21:20:26

You could also try Tinies Childcare - they are a nanny agency.

deviladvocate Fri 09-Sep-11 00:21:47

Apricot Nannies are based in Saffron Walden and are terrific, I've used them for the last 4 years, would highly recommend.

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