Anyone recommend a contemporary portrait photographer?

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Pabboo Tue 11-Jan-11 16:41:47

I would like some family shots of my 16 month old and husband and I. Cambridge area.
Looking for contemporary, funky approaches.
Does anyone have any recommendations? Cash is limited, so they also can't cost a fortune! smile

fruitful Tue 11-Jan-11 16:50:15

This lady is great - gorgeous pics and we actually enjoyed the photo session (with our two small photo-hating boys) too.

everybodysang Tue 25-Jan-11 12:58:40

I am literally about to have shots done of my baby - photographer coming in half an hour. His website had some great pics. I will let you know if they are any good and pass on details...

MrsTicklemouse Wed 09-Feb-11 18:51:28

Sara Noel is fantastic, not necessarily funky but beautiful relaxed photos, often in park/garden etc, she is absolutely lovely

MrsTicklemouse Wed 09-Feb-11 18:52:39

Off her website - The fee for a Family Photography session is £75 this includes two free 8 x 6 prints in folders (value £40)

katenjesse Tue 08-Mar-11 09:41:47

Tiny Tots Photography are fantastic, very reasonable prices too

Helenald Tue 29-Mar-11 21:19:59

I am a photographer in Cambridge, I am based in sawston but your sitting takes place in your home or out on location.
As a mum of two i understand how important it is to capture the natural side to your family whilst making sure your child enjoys the session.
My aim is to take fun, relaxed and natural photographs in an enviroment that you are most comfortable with.
Please have a look at my website for examples of my work and more details
Thanks Helen

katenjesse Fri 01-Apr-11 17:55:10

1BigBelly Thu 07-Apr-11 16:59:14

here is a suggestion for a contemporary portrait photographer

moogyboobles Fri 22-Apr-11 15:33:56

Hi! Haven't posted here in ages but lurk a bit. I do lifestyle portrait photography. I'm in Essex but will happily travel.

JumpJockey Fri 22-Apr-11 15:37:03

I had pregnancy and new baby pics done by Sara Noel, they were great and we're thinking of getting a family shoot from her now that dd2 is here as well. In fact two of her prints of dd1 are on the wall right next to me

SueS28 Sat 08-Mar-14 17:00:16

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CharleneMarleyPhotography Fri 04-Apr-14 15:58:52

Hello! Please check out my website for further details on family and kid photography.

Hope to hear from you!

CharleneMarleyPhotography smile

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