Normal antenatal classes versus NCT

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JLusaka Tue 03-Aug-10 07:48:18

We have registered for 'normal antenatal classes' in Cambridge but have heard from friends living elsewhere that NCT classes are much better. They were only offered 2 'normal classes' versus the 6 i have been offered in Cambridge though.

Can anyone advise whether there is much of a difference between those and NCT in Cambridge?


SummerLightning Tue 03-Aug-10 21:39:52

Do you mean the NHS classes?? I haven't done either but I know people who have done both (I don't think the people who did NHS classes had 6 classes though). I think a lot of people rate the NCT classes as a way to get to know people due at the same time and the one NCT group I know well are all good friends and still very much in touch 18 months later. Having said that the other friend of mine who did the NHS classes is still in touch with the people from these too!
From what I have heard the NCT classes were good in terms of the content, but don't really give you that much information that you can't get off here!
I certainly don't really feel I lost out on that front, however, I do think it would have been useful for DH to go to classes as he was never going to read up on things as much as I did.
I can't remember if I asked my friend how good the NHS classes were so I can't comment on that front, however I did do a 2hr NHS course myself for VBAC (birth after c-section) at Addenbrookes, and I thought it was pretty good.

JLusaka Wed 04-Aug-10 06:40:31

I did mean the NHS classes, couldn't think what to call them! There are actually 4x2h classes plus a breast feeding class, i forgot I don't need the other extra one on twins (thankfully). The NCT classes i have found are 3x6 hour ones which my other half is slightly panicked at...

If there is not much difference perhaps i'll stick to the NHS ones.

LizzieHart Thu 05-Aug-10 21:53:19

I did both but can recommend the NCT. I am still friends with the people I met there, and it made the birth and first 8 weeks of my DD's life a whole lot more easier! The NHS classes were good but if I had just done them I would have been a little confused, whereas doing both reafrmed the information we learnt.

hildathebuilder Fri 06-Aug-10 19:00:32

I would recommend the NCT too, (I was with Lizzie ) and I didn't actually do many of them because my DS was 11 weeks early so I had got to relaxing in long labour, packing hospital bag etc none of which I had time to think about at 29 weeks. But because I did do the NCT the teacher put me in touch with some other mums with Prem babies, and now the others have caught up and had their babies it is a lot easier to have others to talk to in a similar position about the children part of having a baby, what to do, what's out there for mums, what advise there is, which health clinics are good which are not etc. It is also nice to have people to meet up with when we are all going stir crazy.

It's soo much easier when we can all pool resources even though our babies are all different (and in fact there's 5 months difference in actual age between my prem and the last one born last week)

the NCT classes were therefore some of the best money I spent

lazydaisykaren Tue 06-Sep-11 21:22:24


I teach weekly classes for Lazy Daisy Birthing. These are taught over 6 weeks (1.30 hours each class) and are women only. You will learn the education, movements, breathing, techniques and much more. We are the biggest up and coming pregnancy style classes as we combine the best bits from all of the stlyes of classes available. If you would like any more info please email me on or look at the web site


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