Dutch language club for parents & toddlers in Marlow

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dutchie2 Sat 10-Sep-11 12:17:26

Dutch Club Marlow will be up and running again from 17 September 2011 onwards every fortnight during term time.

Group 1: 2-5 year olds Group 2: 5-8 year olds.

Sessions are filled with fun songs, rhymes, games, stories and activities. Just by watching, listening and joining in your child will absorb the Dutch language without even realising it! All levels are welcome. Please contact me for more information, times, dates, a free trial lesson or visit my website www.discoverdutch.co.uk

MosEisley Sun 22-May-11 16:49:16


pat39 Thu 15-Apr-10 11:36:20

Hi there, is there room in your club for Flemish parents wink? I am from Belgium and my husband is English and we're keen for our little girl to be bi lingual too. She's only 7 months so a bit early yet!

fvdh Sat 06-Feb-10 10:11:46

Hi - we have just had our baby (December 9th). My husband is Dutch and I am English. We are really keen for him to grow up bi lingual. Any tips welcomed... and hope your group is still running when he starts to talk!

dutchie2 Thu 26-Nov-09 20:04:20

Are there any Dutch parents around who'd like their children to keep in touch with their language? I've just started up a club for toddlers from 1-5 years old in Marlow on alternate Saturday mornings. Sessions are packed with songs, games, stories and activities,all in Dutch, which are fun and will allow children to explore and become more confident in Dutch while playing with their new friends. All levels are welcome. I'm a native Dutch, experienced and CRB-checked teacher.FOR MORE INFO CALL ERICA ?
Tel: 07948 246 281
Email: info@discoverdutch.co.uk
Website: www.discoverdutch.co.uk

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