Independent / grammar schools in Bucks

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barbaramummy Sun 21-Aug-16 09:04:53

Hi all - we're planning on moving to South Bucks soon but don't have a view on the quality of independent (coed / boys) and grammar schools. Really appreciate people's thoughts on:
1. The best schools (we're interested in primary right through, though not necessarily at the same school i.e. we're interested in prep schools too)?
2. Catchment areas for grammar schools or how these work?
3. Is it best to live close / walking distance to a school ie will it impact our our children's ability to make friends if we live a little further away from school?

Also, any recommendations on which towns and villages are best for schooling / children would be super helpful.


Suspensionana Mon 02-Jan-17 21:37:31

Hi. I can help you if you are still looking?

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