Any advice on Whitchurch, Oving or Stewkley?

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TheWormThatTurned Tue 02-Aug-16 23:27:26

Does anyone live in Whitchurch, Oving or Stewkley?
We're living overseas and moving back to the area (family in Bucks and want the kids to go to school in UK). We've mostly narrowed our search down to these 3 areas but as we don't actually live in the area, I was wondering if anyone had any feedback?

Ideally we're looking for a village with things going on / family orientated etc.
If anyone has any input, good or bad, it would be much appreciated before I drive myself mad with looking at more areas!!

MockCroc Sat 03-Sep-16 12:07:54

They are all perfectly nice. It depends what your priorities are: schools, commuting, size? Stewkley and Whitchurch are bigger than Oving. We live near Winslow and friends who are very happy in Stewkley and Whitchurch.

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