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savvygirl3 Mon 18-Jul-16 10:01:03

Hello all, delighted I came across this forum today. Quick run down my husband has been working in London City for the last 3 months and doing very well. We are Irish live in Dublin. He is commuting back and forth. This job has turned into a few years work now with good propects for him. We are considering moving our family there. His work collegues are advising him to move to places like Marlow. We have 3 boys age 8,4 and 11 months. I work full time in Dublin. Ia m considering asking for a year career break and rent our home here to try it.. I would like to continue to work when we move, but I am sure it would take few months to settle kids into new child minding situation etc.
I was checking out in rent in Marlow it seems so high. What other areas are similar near with good schools, family atmosphere and facilties... We just want our family to be together, being apart is very hard as hubbie cannot fly every weeend... thanks for your time x

Pendu Mon 18-Jul-16 10:15:38

Maidenhead is abit cheaper , also bracknell ...

Marlow is pretty expensive and you don't get a lot - it's more a place to go for a day out. Where is the job?

justgotoffthebus Mon 18-Jul-16 10:20:37

Marlow is a nice town (shops, river etc) but I personally don't find the people there that friendly.
A lot will depend on your budget and what train line and commute time is best for your husband.
The other things is schools, it's not so much where has good schools, but more where actually has school places available. Over the last few years in South Bucks, even schools that are not considered good are oversubscribed.

savvygirl3 Mon 18-Jul-16 10:29:42

thanks Pendu - He is in London Bridge at the moment but next Site is probably be in Old Redding, we are not sure yet. I have been looking at work options too and a lot of the type of work I will be suitable for (operations manager) would be in london city or outside of london.
Hi "justgotoffthebus" I will have two school going kids by next year.. one son is going into his 4th year in primar school in Sept and my other son age 4 at the moment will only be starting school in late 2017. What months do the school term run? In Ireland its SEpt to end of june and 8 weeks summer holidays. Our budget for rent would be approx 1500-1600 pounds

savvygirl3 Mon 18-Jul-16 10:43:58

sorry its READING...

justgotoffthebus Mon 18-Jul-16 11:02:20

Might be worth looking at Caversham nr Reading. I remember reading threads on Mumsnet about how nice it was living there.
The schools here have 3 terms, they generally start around 5th Sep and finish the school year around 21st July. I think if my calculations are correct that you would need 2 school places for this Sep (4 year old would need a Reception place).

savvygirl3 Mon 18-Jul-16 11:19:43

thanks a mill I will have a look at those areas... would they have good trainlink to city if that is where my new job would be? We arent moving until early next year (feb.April time)

justgotoffthebus Mon 18-Jul-16 11:48:14

As I understand, depending on what part of Caversham you are living in it is a 10 min cycle ride to Reading station and then a 30 min train into Paddington station.
There is also Twyford which I think has it's own station on the same train line into Paddington.

Suspensionana Mon 18-Jul-16 13:12:07

I grew up in Marlow. It's a beautiful place but is so ridiculously expensive I was priced right out when buying my own place! I live about 8 miles away now as it's nice to visit. The PP is right though, the people are not friendly, I get the feeling everyone thinks they are better than you. Lots of famous faces about though! Marlow also has pretty crap train links to London.

If your husband is moving office to Reading you would probably be better off looking closer that way.

savvygirl3 Wed 20-Jul-16 09:12:14

Suspensionana. thanks for that... where do you live now do you mind me asking?

Suspensionana Wed 20-Jul-16 16:11:01

I won't say where I live now but it's your bog standard Bucks type village green, good school, nice place. Not great for commuting to Reading and about 15/20 minutes drive to the station for London. I'm happy to give you the lowdown on any places local to Marlow though, although I would recommend closer to Reading near a train station as suggested up thread.

savvygirl3 Wed 20-Jul-16 16:23:45

Thx a million !

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