Bag stolen from car at Pitstone Windmill

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Mamagin Mon 27-Jun-16 12:10:00

Really random - but ever hopeful! We parked our car at the car park for Pitstone Windmill near Ivinghoe, and while we were away some darling smashed the window and took a home made red linen bag containing a half finished brightly colouredknitted blanket, a half finished knitted sock and a barely started scarf, plus all the knitting needles etc.
I am almost certain that the contents of the bag were not what they were after - unless it was a rabid National Trust member who loved knitting - so would think that the bag and contents would be thrown away somewhere nearby.
We had a look around but nothing found - if anyone local finds it - please let me know! We are in Kent so can't keep looking ourselves.

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