Moving to Aylesbury with a big Lab!

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LadyF89 Mon 11-Apr-16 18:13:48

Hello ! We are moving to Aylesbury next month due to work commitment and gladly our beloved black labrador boy is coming with us as we managed to find a house that is pet allowed ( had to pay extra rent and deposit tho). We will be moving to cromwell avenue which is not very far from town centre. It got me nervous already as I keep hearing bad things about that area!! Just wondering if any of you have some dos and donts advise for us ?? Appreciated !

Harpi Sun 01-May-16 00:10:55

Not entirely sure what you want to know! That road is Council housing but no doubt many were sold off. Not the best part of town but ok. Not much in the way of local shops there but Aylesbury has a theatre and a Waitrose and M and S in the centre . Good rail links. Secondary schools not brilliant but grammar schools are. You can easily get to countryside and villages with good walks but no parks around there. The Chilterns around Wendover is good for walks . Wendover Woods or Coombe Hill. Plenty of other areas are attractive . I assume you have a car!

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