Anyone from Chesham?

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goldandgreen Sun 24-Jan-16 22:09:01

Hi all,
we are thinking of moving from NW London to Chesham/Amersham to start a family. We visited both towns several times and love both of them. At the moment, given our budget (and the London-like house prices in Amersham...), we are more on the Chesham side - looking at something in the Chartridge lane/Stanley Avenue areas. However we're a bit reluctant after reading about the not so good reputation Chesham has (teenage gangs, antisocial behaviour, violence...). Any area to avoid? How about Lowndes Park area? Please give us your insights!

Thank you!!! :-))

notquiteruralbliss Sun 31-Jan-16 11:21:31

I live just outside Chesham. It's fine. Prefer it to Amersham. Lowndes park area is lovely. As is Stanley avenue if you can afford it. On a smaller budget, Eskdale Avenue or the road by the open air swimming pool are nice. Sweet little Victorian houses.

Chesham is mixed, but for me (coming from London zone 2) that is one of the attractions. Not sure about teenage gangs, but groups of lads (who don't seem at all intimidating) do hang around outside the shops on Greenway or up at Waterside. I would avoid Pond Park / Greenway / Waterside if groups of teenagers bother you.

Schools are OK. Local (mixed) grammar gets good results and the local upper has had a facelift / a lot of new building.

HappyintheHills Sun 07-Feb-16 08:15:59

Kids hang out in parks. The secondary modern is next to Lowndes.
Don't move there if you have a problem with kids hanging out.
But gangs? Not really how I would describe them.

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