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KarthiHYC Wed 23-Dec-15 14:45:42

Dear Wycombe folks,
I am new to high Wycombe, currently living in Sands and I am looking forward to finalise my Son's primary school admission for Sep 2016 intake for reception(4 years old). I have to finalise few schools. The things I don't know are about the breakfast and after school clubs.

Now most of the schools are shut and I could not get any one in the primary schools to enquire. I hope someone in this forum can help me with my query.

Does any of the following primary schools don't offer AFTER SCHOOL CLUB AND BREAK FAST CLUB
1.Bledlow ridge school
2. Chepping view primary academy
3. Oakridge
4. Disralei school
5. Downley school

IF any of the schools don't have it how can I organise After school and breakfast club by myself.

I am wondering what is the difference between wraparound care and after school care? In one of the school website I saw wraparound care but I don't the exact meaning of it.

Thanks and I hope experienced mums can help newbies like me.

Suspensionana Mon 18-Jan-16 20:59:41

Hi. I don't know about breakfast and after school clubs I'm afraid. I would just check that you are in catchment for those schools first. I know Downley is very oversubscribed. The best way would be just to ring and ask now that they are open again.

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