Moving to High Wycombe but advice needed for specific road

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kknb0800 Mon 19-Oct-15 12:08:09


We live in NW London and we're looking to move to the High Wycombe area. We've found a property which we really like and I wanted to get some advice because we're not too sure about the area after reading some of the posts on MN. The property itself is on Toweridge Lane / Heathfield Road.

Any help would really be appreciated as we're at the stage of putting an offer in but hesitant to do so based on what I've read in other posts.

Many thanks in advance.

Southbucksoldbuffer Sun 25-Oct-15 17:29:50

No recent knowledge but my son went to a party there some years ago 20? and it was a nice area then. I live about 5 miles away and it always seemed a better part of High Wycombe. Chapel lane can be busy in rush hour or when there is a match on at Adams park.

Suspensionana Thu 26-Nov-15 19:29:44

Wycombe is a funny old place. I know Toweridge Lane personally and don't think you would have any problems living there. It is skimming the not so nice roads though and you are most definitely in High Wycombe. You are close to West Wycombe which is lovely and lots and lots of open countryside. 10 mins from the M40 and a fab big Next and John Lewis. I'd say of all the roads in Wycombe it's a good one. Stuffed in the snow though!

Schools wise, Milbrook or West Wycombe. Very very different catchments.

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