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Azzurro Tue 03-Mar-15 09:50:16

Good morning everybody,
New to this local talk, moving up from Surrey, we love Beaconsfield, so it will be most likely our next home.
We have a 4 year old, due starting school in Sept 2015. As we are moving during the summer, she will not most likely be able to enter any of the local state schools (which by the way sound all good), so we are looking into an independent school and really like the High March. Anyone having their girls there? What is your opinion about the school? I was a bit shocked about the term dates, my husband and I both work full time, so what do the other working parents do in those extended school holidays? Are there any clubs the school provide?
Thank you and have a lovely sunny day

Karoleann Sat 14-Mar-15 08:36:44

I know lots of parents with children there and the majority seem very happy (both my next door neighbours have children at the school). It's quite small and nurturing, very good academically.
There is some movement with Maltman's and I know parents that have moved children out of high march to Maltman's.

Incidentally, my daughter is due to start there in Sept 2015 as well. I know that they are officially full for a reception intake, but there is always some movement.

StayAtHomeMummy14 Thu 14-May-15 17:34:16

Having worked at High March for the past 4 years I am definitely biased to it over Maltmans! I am currently on maternity leave with my own LO who was born in Jan. When he is old enough he will be attending HM nursery - we have already signed him up! High March is a very nurturing school, our aim is to provide a happy environment for the girls. Of course if you are wowed by facilities then Maltmans definitely has more space but they do not beat us at anything else. Our 11+ results this year were outstanding and we are very proud of all of our girls in all that they do. I hope your girls are very happy with us!

Azzurro Sun 07-Jun-15 08:06:02

Ah, just seeing this last reply now! my only last concern with HM (we have a place there now) is what type of people send they children there, not done any open day unfirt. my husband and I are both professional and both work full time, and opting for independent education simply because we are moving to a new area too late for an application to one of the public school to be considered; despite this we know we can both afford the high prices of BE and school fees.....bottom line I am scared the school will have lots of stay at home yummi mummies or parents who relegate childcare to nannies!
Sorry do not want to offend anyone, just it is not us, so obviously a bit worried ��

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