Please can you help - relocating to Bucks and I don't know the area

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Crusoe Tue 25-Mar-14 11:18:11

Please can anyone advise, my needs are a bit complicated!
We are considering relocating to Bucks in order for my son who has additional needs to attend a specific school that is between Marlow and Henley. My husband will, however, for the time being at least have to commute to Dunstable in Bedfordshire.
We are really unsure of good areas to look at. Obviously we need to try and balance both journeys i.e. mine to my son's school and my husbands to work, with mine being the shorter journey and need to find somewhere that would be do-able for both.
We know the Henley/Marlow area is very pricey and probably out of our league but we do want a nice quiet area with easy access to the main routes my husband can take to get him to Dunstable.
Any thoughts anyone - thanks in advance

compleat Tue 25-Mar-14 11:32:54

This area is ridiculously expensive I'm afraid. Can you post your price range so I can gauge an area.

I assume your husband needs to be on the M40, M25 side rather than having to do M4, M25.

Bourne end is nice but still very expensive. Flackwell Heath has good schools if you have other children and is a half town half village kind of place.

Are you looking for town or village?

I know this area very well and am happy to help with a bit more info!

Crusoe Tue 25-Mar-14 12:00:38

Thanks Compleat.
Budget will be a real issue I think - we are talking 350K perhaps 400K. We have no other children so other schools are not an issue.
We don't mind either a town or village as long as there is some countryside close by.
And yes I think the M40 side looks a better journey for my husband.
We would consider High Wycombe but no nothing about which areas are good.
Any help very, very much appreciated.

compleat Tue 25-Mar-14 12:41:05

High Wycombe isn't a great area I'm afraid. I chose to live about 15 mins drive from there for the shops but wouldn't choose to live in High Wycombe.

That is a nice budget and I'm confident you could get something pretty nice. But then I don't know what you're used to!

I grew up in Marlow but now live in a village & miles out. My house would be 100k more in Marlow!

Look at Lane End. The school isn't great which isn't an issue for you at the moment. It's about 6 minutes drive to Marlow and 10/25 mins to the M40. It's not got a lot there though!

Stokenchurch is a village on the M40 but would probably be about 30 mins from your sons school.

Freith is nice. Just a small village.

You might get something in Marlow for your budget. Look at Marlow Bottom too.

I wouldn't discount some areas of High Wycombe but you would need to be very careful!

You would probably get a 3 bed semi for that budget in Marlow/Flackwell/Bourne End/Lane End.

compleat Tue 25-Mar-14 12:53:00

Have a look at Stokenchurch. I reckon there would be a back way to the road joining Marlow and Henley. I don't know the school or where it is.

It is far more reasonably priced and you would get a nice house for your budget. It is on the M40. It has an outstanding primary school, 2 village shops (planning permission for a Tesco) 2 nice pubs, a hotel, Indian, average to bad Chinese and chip shop :-(, Nepalese.

compleat Tue 25-Mar-14 12:53:33

And it is surrounded by miles and miles of country side.

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