Commuting from Marlow?

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Keepingdixie Tue 14-Jan-14 15:47:53

Hi mums, keen for advice on the commute from Marlow to London please. Thinking of moving there - have long loved the area - but OH is put off by the commute (it currently takes him 10 mins cycling so you can imagine!) His office is Sheperds Bush way, just off the M40 so I was thinking it would actually be more practical to drive. Does anyone know what the traffic into London is like in the am/pm? Luckily he keeps his own hours so can set off after 9 / 6 or before 4 etc. Ideally he'd take a train then Brompton bike to the office but it seems quite sluggish? We'll be visiting soon, staying over night & trying trains & the drive back as a test run shortly but keen for any advice / tips in the meantime. Many thanks! (I may well have a host of other questions too!)

compleat Tue 25-Mar-14 16:38:38

Marlow has pretty rubbish commuting on train opportunities for the house prices!

It takes about an hour in the am and pm out of rush hour to Paddington on the M40 driving. Anything up to 2 hours peak time.

Train from Marlow is every hour. You then change to the proper train in Maidenhead so pretty rubbish really!

Saying that, growing up, my dad commuted from Marlow to the City for years. He drove to Maidenhead or Beaconsfield.

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