Grammar school help for parents moving to UK???

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Tabbz Sat 02-Nov-13 23:02:13

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help explain grammar school admissions for parents moving to UK from a country (Canada) with a totally different school system. DH and I are looking at towns in Buckinghamshire due to proximity to London and Heathrow as he's most likely being transferred. I'm confused, however, about secondary school for my 16 year old DD. How likely is it she would be able to transfer in to the grammar school system (she is a good student with an A average)? Or would we be better off moving to a county with a comprehensive system? My impression from reading other threads is that the comprehensive system isn't as strong in Bucks because the so-called "cream" gets skimmed off to the grammar schools. Any insight or advice would be much appreciated!

cleanbakerun Wed 12-Mar-14 14:25:46

Hi, hope this isn't too late. I went to one of the grammar schools in Aylesbury. After age 11, the schools will accept after reviewing grades. If your child hasn't completed GCSE (or Canadian equivalent) there may be entry acceptance testing before acceptance due to the selection in to 6th form for A-levels.

From my experience though, I would email the schools you're interested in as most will be happy to chat you through the process and requirements. I loved my time at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School.

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