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coombehill Thu 17-Oct-13 13:33:12

Hello, moving back to Bucks next year and interested in any feedback re Gateway School. I visited it and thought it has a good atmosphere (pupils seemed happy/interested) but would love any insider info. Same for Gt Miss combined and little kings hill. Thank you in advance!

Harpi Thu 05-Dec-13 15:32:22

Great Missenden primary school is terrific. Also Liitle Kingshill. If you want a top class independent senior school and you have a girl then you need Godstowe, not Gateway. The Gateway is more of an 11+ crammer. If you have a bright child and want a grammar, the local state schools are really good and I don't think you get much advantage by paying as there are so many clever children in local state primaries. The Gateway is only ok for sport. Godstowe and The Beacon are better. I looked at The Gateway but rejected it in favour of Godstowe for my daughter. There is no comparison really. We wanted boarding senior school, so Godstowe best for this.

notquiteruralbliss Fri 11-Apr-14 21:42:58

In my experience, Gateway is a fantastic school. Incredibly child friendly and not just focused on getting children through the 11 plus, though many children do go on to grammars. We moved out of London, where our children were at Newton Prep and a wonderful Montessori school in North London. At first we tried a village primary, but the girls hated it. We moved them to Gateway and never regretted it. Even our second daughter, who doesn't really 'do' school loved it and they all finished year 7 enthusiastic about learning and working at level 5.

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