Great Missenden/Prestwood schools

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coombehill Fri 09-Aug-13 16:45:39

Hello, I am contemplating a move back to my roots (after spending my teenage years vowing to leave and never look back) and am interested in any feedback re. Gt Missenden C of E, Prestwood Infants/juniors, Hyde Heath, Lee Common and Little Missenden. I am currently living in Switzerland and our dds are 3 and 5. We would probably move back next April (mid school year) - I am not having much luck finding out which schools have spaces (they wouldn't tell me over the phone) so any tips much appreciated.. I would rather find a place based on school availability, then move somewhere and then have to drive miles to a school..Thanks in advance.

Doughnutsforbreakfast Mon 12-Aug-13 16:24:03

Have you tried emailing admissions? or the schools themselves?

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