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mzdemeanour Fri 05-Jul-13 13:17:59


hoping someone can give me some advice on where to move in bucks. I am currently living in London but planning to move when my DTs transfer to secondary school in sept 2015 and really need to get my head out of the sand and start thinking about possible schools ..

My DS may pass the exams for selective schools but my DD is unlikely to so I need to think about an area that has a good non-selective secondary option although private may be an option.

I am going to have to apply while we are still living in London although will be able to provide an address in Bucks as will be staying at least short term with my boyfriend. I currently work in London so somewhere near M40/good road or rail link would be handy.

Not sure I could stand to be too isolated although small town would be fine.

Hope someone can help/offer advice.


mzdemeanour Sat 06-Jul-13 10:12:58

Shameless bump .... Anyone? Even vague pointers as to towns/places to think about or even ones to avoid would be great.

huddyblell Sat 06-Jul-13 22:01:38

Hi, I don't know South Bucks very well but know the area around and north of Aylesbury well. If you are looking at good non grammars, then the W's - Waddesdon, Wendover and Wing get good results and have good reputations. I guess Wendover would be best for transport options, though Wing is not far from the main line station in Leighton Buzzard, there is also Cheddington station on that line as well.
You may wish to look at Leighton Buzzard, is quite a large town of approx 30,000 people and has a lot going on for children and families. It has the advantage of a couple of decent upper schools which get pretty good GCSE results and seems to always be within the distance limits of the Aylesbury grammar school admissions so if your child passed the 11+ then they should get a place.

Rockchick123 Sat 31-Aug-13 15:35:16

If you're looking to live in this area but also for non-selective schools, then it would probably best to be a bit further west and head into Oxfordshire. Lord Williams in Thame is a great school and is non-selective, and Thame is a very pretty place to live. I personally would advise against Bucks non-selective as the schools are just not as good as counties where the academic children are not creamed off. You would be much closer to private schools in the Oxford area if you were that bit further west too. There is a derth of boys independents in Bucks. Pipers Corner is a fabulous girls independent near Hughenden Valley, west of High Wycombe, and all of the grammers in Bucks - both boys and girls - are amazing if one or both do pass the 11+. If you were in Oxfordshire then your children could still take the 11+ and be considered for Bucks grammer schools, but you would have a bit of a drive to get them there every day. xx

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