Moving to Chesham from Wales - GPs & Dentists recommendations

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EleanorRhG Fri 25-Jan-13 07:53:42

Hi I'm relocating from Wales to Chesham, moving in 2 weeks and need to register with GP & dentist. Can anyone recommend a good GP surgery & dentist? I'm 7 months pregnant and would like to register or find a GP who is opened to alternative therapies too and one that is great with babies/children.
Many thanks :-)

SquirrelPetronus Sat 26-Jan-13 01:34:00

I'd recommend Watermeadow Surgery on Red Lipn St, have always found them straightforward and helpful, excellent with DS too. I've been with them for 2 yrs, was recommended by the lady we bought our house from! (Also moved here while pg)
Haven't asked about alternative therapies tho, I'd suggest you call and pick the receptionists brains! They're always v nice and helpful.

Have heard bad things about the new health centre on Berkhamstead Rd, there are two practises operating from there and apparently the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

If you're looking to meet people when you've settled in you're welcome to pm me, I have one DS, 20mo, and can show you the sights! grin

Dentist-wise I've only tried Chess House (NHS), they're fine, have had no problems with them.

EleanorRhG Tue 29-Jan-13 20:20:30

Thank you for the recommendations I shall visit the surgery and dentist next week. Need to get booked in and signed up with a midwife. Need a dental check ASAP too! Yes once I'm settled I would love to meet up. It's going to be a busy 2 weeks. Many thanks

SquirrelPetronus Tue 29-Jan-13 22:02:34

Good luck with it all. We moved here from Surrey, found the Bucks community midwives here absolutely fantastic in comparison!
There's a Birth Centre at High Wycombe, and Stoke Mandeville has both a midwife led birth unit and the consultant led labour ward (excellent). One of my local friends used Watford Hosp.
Give me a shout if you're planning to do the local NCT course and I'll give you the goss! wink

EleanorRhG Sat 09-Mar-13 22:18:06

Hi I'm finally settled into Chesham , so if you are free to meet up let me know. My move to Chesham wasn't as straight as planned , hence why I am only getting back to you, long story !

babylee5 Mon 11-Mar-13 22:58:36


How has your move been from Wales? Im moving from Cardiff to Amersham in two weeks and I'm very nervous. Have you found it easy to make new friends? When is your baby due? Im 17 weeks pregnant and hoping that this will be great opportunity to settle well into the community


EleanorRhG Thu 14-Mar-13 21:20:36

Hi Jodie,
Chesham and Amersham are lovely. We are enjoying living in Chesham as it's , ideal for the lifestyle that my partner and I want. I'm now 35 weeks pregnant and baby due April 15th .I've been attending NCT classes for the last 3 weeks, so making friends through this. I am also out and about walking my dog, Persues only a daily basis so meeting people on dog walks too. There are lots of baby groups in the area, so I'm sure you will find it easy to settle in. I'm starting a pilates class next week which is in Amersham especially for pregnancy, you should consider joining it too? Are you still working? If you want to meet up drop me an e-mail . We are heading back to Porthcawl to pick up our final load of belongings! Good luck with your move

babylee5 Fri 15-Mar-13 10:15:37

Hi Eleanor,
That's funny I'm moving from Pencoed! My mother and sisters birthday is on the 15th of april lol. Not long at all now then : ) Is this your first baby? Do you know the gender?
I'm not working at the moment I'm currently having a year out from my midwifery degree in order to relocate and settle myself, partner and little boy. I was researching pilates/yoga in Amersham and I am going to join once I arrive there. You will only be two weeks away from having your bundle of joy then. How exciting. It would be great to meet up. I have a dog also which I walk religiously twice a day, a naughty 7 month old black lab, keeping me fit and on my toes! I will email once I have moved.

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