Free/cheap parking in High Wycombe

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katedan Wed 05-Sep-12 10:28:04

I am starting uni in HW and will be tight on timeto get lectures after dropping off DC so does anyone with local knowledge know of any on street or cheapparking near the uni which is near the hospital.

Thank you

misstrunchball Fri 07-Sep-12 22:12:37

Unfortunately not close by the Uni. I'm looking into this as well as most of the nearest ones are £10 a day. There is one called Railway Place which is opposite Pann Mill on the Rye which looks to be about £5.00 a day and not too far a walk. If you cross over to the Rye you can walk towards Staples and cross at the zebra. There are some more further up Desborough Road which look to be about £3.00 a day but they do get full very early on. There is no on street parking as all the roads around central Wycombe are permits only. The Multi Storey at Easton Street is about £5.00 all day but also gets very busy quickly. I have heard of people with permits not being able to find a space.

I think Railway Place might be your best bet and may see you in there smile

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