Sling Library in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire

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MonkeyChicken Wed 25-Jul-12 00:57:31

Oh just found a High Wycombe Sling meet/library on Facebook. Just search for High Wycombe Sling Meet. They are based in Downley.

MonkeyChicken Wed 25-Jul-12 00:49:45

I live in Hazlemere and would also love to find a local sling library/meet with toddler slings...

ljm2 Tue 10-Jul-12 15:44:24

Does anybody know if there's a sling library in bucks or berks (or maybe west london). I live in beaconsfield and would love to try out some slings (esp the woven wraps) with advice from someone to make sure i'm doing it right. The closest ones I can find are in Pitstone/Harpendon & Milton Keynes, but that's quite a long way away..

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