Living in Marlow or Henley? Please help us decide!

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Scottishgirl85 Fri 18-May-12 16:21:22


I've posted previously about our move from London in the search of idyllic family life! We have narrowed down our search area to Marlow or Henley. We love both and now have the problem of deciding. I work in High Wycombe and my DH works in London. The commute will be the same for him (we studied the train timetables for many hours!) and just a bit extra in the car for me if we choose Henley, which is fine.

Basically we would love to hear about anything to do with these 2 places in order to decide, although I guess it will partly come down to what houses are available. However, we will be renting first so technically we could wait for the right house if we choose one area over the other.

Comments on anything would be much appreciated - such as schools (no children yet but this is a long term move, I'm aware of the different schooling systems - private not an option so I guess grammer vs non-grammer is a big decision), catchment areas, social life, general atmosphere, facilities, environment/traffic, house prices, problem areas - anything on any of these things would be fab!

Thanks so much in advance.

Hope I've posted this in the right forum, thought High Wycombe was the closest option.

Thanks :-)

wheressummer Tue 03-Jul-12 12:10:56

Hi, just seen your post - don't know if it's too late but just to let you know, we moved from kent to just outside henley two years ago. we love henley but once we found our feet and got to know the area we ended up in Marlow more and more and are now renting in Marlow. We do have young children though which may be why as it is really suited to young families and there are lots of other young families around so it's a great place to raise kids.

Schools are really good but are currently over-subscribed so where you live will usually determine catchment areas. Lots of good pre-schools and kids/baby groups, fitness groups etc. Everyone's very friendly and there is always something going on and lots of things to get involved in.

I think the house prices are very similar but there seems to be more available in Henley but there is quite a good rental choice in Marlow.

Both have similar shopping, restaurants bars etc and lots of things going on like fairs, river etc so I suppose it is down to your personal preference at the end of the day. hth a little bit!

maryjoa Tue 05-Mar-13 12:55:27

Hi wheresummer, we are about to move to Marlow and wondering if you can tell me about preschools in the area - moving from London where our little one is in a lovely montesorri and loves her first taste of school! I really want to keep this when we move and not sure where to begin!! i think we will be in the catchment for holy trinity and infant school when she is 4 but that's a year and a half away - also love to hear about things to do with a 1 and 21/2 year old in the area and any other tips!! Thanks :+)

CompleatAngler Mon 30-Sep-13 12:48:00

ok - i have lived in both places fora decade and can help you -

I could write a book on this subject - !!

better to call me in order to discuss..

Compleat Angler : 07711 056661

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