Can anyone enlighten me about the impact of HS2 on Amersham/Chesham Bois

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MrsFogi Thu 03-May-12 22:51:23

We're starting to look at houses in Amersham and Chesham Bois as we are going to move back to Bucks to be nearer to my parents as my father is very ill. We've narrowed the area down to Amersham/Chesham Bois as that would be the easiest commute to work for me and dh (and work for getting to my parents). But of course once we'd done that we realised about the imminent arrival of HS2. I'm finding it very difficult to work out exactly what parts of town/roads will suffer most - would anyone be willing to enlighten me or is it really not clear and generally there is a worry for the whole area. Also would anyone care to share their views on the pros and cons of Amersham vs Chesham Bois generally. Also one thing that is worrying me - is it common for dcs in the area to have both parents commuting into London or are mine going to seem like abandoned children?

weblette Thu 03-May-12 23:09:15

HS2 in the most recent form will affect Old Amersham and villages along the Misbourne Valley, Chesham Bois is reasonably far enough for there to be vvv little impact although people are generally vvv fed up with the way the whole thing's been handled.
Lots of parents commute into town, you need to think about schools though and wraparound care if that's what you'll be doing.
We live in a nearby village but have DCs in a CB school, it's a lovely area.

weblette Thu 03-May-12 23:12:04

Oh just to add, lots of people seem to rent first before buying. PM me if there's anything else you need to ask smile

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