Summer Camps High Wycombe Area - SuperCamps/Fitforsport?

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sweetpea267 Tue 07-Feb-12 07:48:23

My daughter attended SuperCamp at the Royal Grammar last year, she really enjoyed it. I notice that there is a Fitforsport Camp locally this summer. Anyone have any experience of them?

JaxTellerIsMyFriend Tue 07-Feb-12 07:53:09

not heard of fitforsport - but Sports Coach run classes during summer holidays, it isnt a camp though.

how about a PGL holiday for your daughter?

Supercamp are a bit hit and miss around HW area, some are fantastic others a bit meh. imho.

karen51 Thu 05-Apr-12 14:25:57

not heard of fit for sport either, Activate Sport run lots of sports camps (netball, cricket, multi sport and Brendan Dance Classes) and they have a voucher for a 10% discount at this website -

Busyoldfool Mon 07-May-12 13:18:14

Fit for Sport run several after school clubs in local schools here, ( London). They are very good - I used them a lot last year and the year before for childcare for my 9/10 year old, ( 3.15 - 6pm) and he enjoyed it. I used them for a couple of odd days childcare during the summer and it was ok but he wasn't as enthusiastic. Suspect that was more due to his being "denied" his holiday as he saw it than what was done by Fit for Sport. They also do lunchtime cover at our Primary school too and have made a huge difference to the playground dynamics. DS now 11 so I have used them less this year.

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