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clareybear Thu 19-Jul-12 20:14:12

Hi bubbles, your best bets are nct group and find bumps and babes clubs or your sure start centre, I am rubbish at introducing myself to people, but if you go along prepared with standard questions, when is the baby due etc, you will get there. Good luk

Bubbless Tue 17-Jul-12 19:47:50

hiya there, i am from high wycombe and am looking for a way to make friends whilst pregnant?!
both of you are a tad ahead of me e.g. actually HAD a child! but i was hoping for some advice on how to meet other people in my situation!?

clareybear Sat 14-Jul-12 08:05:25

Hi Mrshoneybeeg, I am in wooburn there is a full activity at sure start and if your daughter is going to the meadows there is always the parents association you could get involved in to meet people. Early years teacher at the meadows is brilliant, my son is going into yr1 and have one in the pre school there. There is tumble tots in bourne end and stuff at both st Paul's church and st Mary's near the gym. Hope this helps, get in touch if you want more info or to meet up

mrshoneybeeG Wed 06-Jul-11 15:19:31

Hi, I've recently moved to Wooburn Green and don't know many people here and quite shy to make new friends... Any one from Wooburn on here and/or know of any thing going on in the area that me and my 10 month old son can join. My daughter starts school in Sept and i'm not looking forward to staying at home all day,every day!

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