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Primary Schools Registration in WSP. Please Advise.

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JelenaL Sat 26-Dec-15 20:10:40


We will be moving from Toronto to Brussels in the spring of 2016 with 2 primary school kids, 5 year of girl and 9 year old boy. Younger one will be 1st grade in September 2016 and older one will be in grade 5. They will be attending francophone public school once in Brussels. You forums/discussion have been very helpful answering many questions I have had and mostly on deciding where do we want to settle in Brussels. We selected Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.
I have also made a selection of the school (School Core Free The College Jean Xxiii),but I am little bit concerned learning that registration is based on space and not on municipality of the residence.I have sent numerous e-mails to various schools inquiring about registration process. However, thus far I have not received any feedback.
If someone can advise on the following, it will be greatly appreciated:
1. Can kids be registered without being present? Does March 2016 seem promising when it comes to registration for September 2016 or it is too late?
2. What are the required documents for registration?
3. How do we place kids on the waiting list? Does it have to be done in person?

Kind Regards and Happy Holidays.

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