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Moving to Brussels with 2 and a half year old

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Odradek Mon 22-Jun-15 15:21:30


We are moving to Brussels at the end of the Summer, to Saint Gilles/Forest borders. I know we've no chance of a place at a state nursery, much less a place at maternelle, so we are currently looking at other childcare options, including private nurseries. DD will be 2 and a half, and speaks Dutch and English. We'd love for her to join a French-speaking nursery, with a view to her starting at a bilingual French/Dutch school next Autumn e.g. Ecole Les 4 Saisons.

Does anyone have any recommendations for nurseries in the area, either French or Dutch speaking, or any direct experience of childcare/schooling for this age group in this area of Brussels? I'd love to hear your thoughts if so.

Many thanks!

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