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Maternelles in or close to Auderghem

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anncaroline Sun 29-Jun-14 21:47:56

Dear all Brussels xpat experts

My husband and I are relocating to Brussels in August wit our two sons of 1 year and 4,5 years. To begin with my husband will be at home, but our big son should attend 2nd, maternelle as of startup in September. We believe that it is important that he tap into routine and normal life very quickly. We are a bilingual familiy; Spanish & Danish and since we are not able to find a school that offer these languages as primary languages and we also would like him to learn French and integrate as much as possible we have decided for local and public school, We want to have a good school but at the same time we would like not to expose him to a a long commute,
We have contacted the following schools and already have had some positive responses from some of them, but does any of you have experience with them? Qualified response would be highly appreciated

- ARA (availability)
- Saint Julien Parnasse (availability)
- St. Bernadette (still no response)
- Cs Les Marronniers (availability)
- Blakedelle (still no response)
- St, Hubert (still no response)
- Pré des Agneaux‏ (still no response)
- Circuetudes (still no response)

Is it a problem that he and we does not yet speak French?
Would the schools be able to tolerate and handle that fact that he is not yet out of his diaper? (we hope he will be by September, but the more "solid" stuff is complicated for him and he has very little motivation) Should I be aware of some fees, extras costs etc?

Also, does anybody have recomendations for a creche for the little one and how much should we expect pay for a creche on a monthly basis?

Best regards, Caroline

zita78 Thu 12-Feb-15 11:44:17

Dear Annecaroline,

I came across your posting today and unfortunately I cannot contribute with an advice, because if fact I am looking for the same answers.

Could you please share your opinion with the nursery for your 4,5 son? We are moving to Brussels in May, and I would like to enroll my son in class M3 in a school in the Auderghem area.

zita78 Thu 12-Feb-15 11:45:31

Forgot to thank you in advance smile

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