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Moving to brussels in October- please can I pick your brains

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Neenski Wed 20-Mar-13 15:25:12

Hi I am moving to brussels for 6 months only in October. My husband will be working at saint luc hospital. I will have a four year old, a two year old and a newborn (due end August) so am anxious ( just slightly) to get some kind of plans in place.

My husband will be working long hours so first priority is to live short time distance ( either walking or commuting) from hospital so he can get home as quickly and as easily as possible! Ideally we would like to rent a house (as we will have pram and most likely crying baby) if that is affordable- am thinking around 1000- 1500 euros per month but have no clue if that is realistic or not!!

After that we will have to choose an English speaking school/ preschool for my 4 year old. She is young in year so would be quite open to more informal education eg montessori pre school as well as British school system reception year.

Any suggestions of family friendly affordable areas to rent in which would be in easy reach of hospital saint luc? If I know this, then I can look for education for 4 year old. Thanks in advance!! Any other tips gratefully received!! X

bruxelloise Wed 03-Apr-13 16:22:01

St Luc has a french school on campus, any reason you can't send your 4 year old there? The school has many staff children from the hosipital and has long garderie (child care) hours to reflect the unusual nature of the school / children / parents. An English school will set you back from 7k to 20k, depending on whether you are after a low cost and sometime low quality school or whether you are after a school recognised as one with qualified teachers. Local schools are on year of birth, not 1/9-31/8. A child born in 2009 would be in 2eme maternelle in October 2013 and you'd have to get a move on if you want a school place in a local school. Many of the local schools have 30 odd nationalities and just as used to children coming and going as the private English ones are.

There are loads of apartments near to St Luc in your price range, withing walking distance or otherwise the metro goes to St Luc and 2 buses. We have a large house in that price range even. Your biggest problem is renting for only 6 months. I'm guessing you'd be after a furnished apart-hotel. This place is not far, 1 bed is in budget, it's walking distance to St Luc. You might be able to find something through the hosptial though. You're unlikely to be able to get a house on short term rent for that price, most short term rentals are like below, apart-hotels. I know someone who lives a few doors from these apartments, it's a very good area for expats to live. There are 2 schools within walking distance too of these apartments, again used to expat children.

PS you're much better off writing this in "living overseas", no-one looks here.

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